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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Collection 3 of my short, simple random stuff, written when I was 14/15 I think. Personally don't exactly like them too, but hope you enjoy reading and commenting likes and dislikes!

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



1. Save me now

Tear up the street lights,

Mourn in the dark.

Make up for all that you’ve left.

It’s easier for you to believe

This madness, the insanity,

Is driving me crazy.

From this clumped up pits,

I’ll fall from this refuge.

I need comfort here, right now.

Save me from this horror,

Terrifying reality.

Save me now.


2. All gone

When true friends I’ve had for the first time

Have gone in the flash,

All that’s left of me,

Is –

Half of my smiles,

Half of my breath,

Half of my heart,

Half of my soul,

Half of my life,

All of my tears.

And that’s what happened,

In the wonderful world

Where I truly belong.

What’s going to happen next,

I’ve got no clue.


3. I Wish

When you’re hurt, I wish I could comfort you.

When you’re glad, I wish I could laugh with you.

When you’re lonely, I wish I could be with you.

But all I should do,

Is stop wishing.


4. It’s her



What’s there to be,

When I know you’ve found your goal.

Her bright eyes,

Dreamy like yours,

Looking into both eyes,

All I see is love.

When you stroke her hair,

I could feel the tenderness.

When she’s hurt,

She threw you a hug,

I could feel you comforting her.

The love aura between two lovers,

I knew she was the one for you.


5. Girls for You

Girls all around,

Giving themselves to you.

Winking, seducing,

To get into your book.

They want you to note them,

To love them,

To be near.

They’ll jump to you,

Get to know you,

Wishing you were theirs.

I’ll just be sitting there,


Rolling eyes and lifting brows,

Smacking and telling you,

Wake up,

Smarten up,

Such superficiality,

Don’t be deceived,

Are they who you really want?


Girls all around,

Throwing themselves at me,

Winking and laughing,

Touching, and hugging,

Breathing in their presence,

They want me to be theirs.

You rolled your eyes and smacked me,

To wake me,

Don’t fall into their traps,

You ask if they’re who I want.

But can’t you tell,

My drifting eyes,

My one real smile,

Who they are for?

But you never noticed,

So innocent,


I’ll tell you,

You’re who I really want.


6. Ignoring me

The words I’ve been waiting,

To emerge from your mouth,

Are simply too impossible.

When you didn’t care,

Didn’t care about my presence.

The love I have for you,

You ignore me all the way.

Maybe my love is blind,

When hopes don’t come knocking on my door.

I couldn’t let you know,

I couldn’t make you see,

Why I’m such a sap,

One who’ll never leave you.

A part of me died,

When you left.


7. Can’t let go

I can’t let go of you,

Because you’re already part of me.

The pieces that can’t be broken,

Can’t be replaced by fragments of insignificance,

Like history that can’t be superseded,

By remnants of scrolls,

Music that can’t be rewritten,

In the same scores of notes,

They stroll in the air,

That resounding tune.

So when you’ve gone,

That part filled with you,

Have gone along,

Never to let go.

© Copyright 2020 beyonder91. All rights reserved.

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