In the Light, My Cloak is Gone

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This poem takes a slightly unusual symbolic turn, portraying the rain, or a storm, as a means of protection, comfort and peace. Instead of showing the sun as the typically welcoming symbol in Western literature, it is called "harsh," since, "in the light, my cloak is gone." One cannot hide under the bright rays of the sun, but the storm clouds provide an excellent cover for someone not ready to be found. Whether it is someone who is scared or feels guilty, the speaker of the poem feels the need to hide and finds solace in the unexpected shelter the chaotic, yet beautiful storm provides. The reason the speaker needs to hide is up for interpretation, but the real point is to remind readers that perspective is everything - that beauty and peace can be found in any part of this world. It only depends on how you look at it.

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Submitted: March 11, 2014



The rain against my skin

Drops heavy with chagrin,

Melts away my thoughts within

and beads of regret begin to thin.


The clouds all follow me,

as if to say they agree,

that me and everyone can be

free from all the past's debris.


It's a respite from the sun,

harsh rays like a gun,

taking aim at everyone's

faultered steps of indecision.


In the light, my cloak is gone -

vulnerable for God to pawn.

But just as the moon before dawn,

I'll fade away with the wings of a black swan.


I'll fly past oceans vast

and when the sky gives way at last,

I'll hope the rain comes in fast

to water the sweet smelling grass.


and lightning will grace the leaves of the birch tree

and the thunder will make his echoing plea.

The storm will coil, spit and flee,

taking with him everyone's debris.


The rain against my skin

drops heavy with chagrin,

melts away my thoughts within

and beads of regret begin to thin.


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