Politicians (We and You)

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A poem about the duality between politicians and everyone else. I tend to not get politically involved in much because i find it futile. A lot of the time it seems politicians say one thing then back it up with inaction, and this is what disillusions me, anyways, here's a poem :P

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



We speak,

And you listen.

We smile,

And you feel comfort.

We shake our fists,

And you agree.


We do not do,

And 50% of you applaud us.

We act,

And the death makes you smile.

We impose,

And you feel comfort in our restrictions.


You hate us,

Ane we tear your umbilical cord with our fangs.

You ask us to perform,

And we perfect self preservation.

You need us,

And we abuse you.


You ask for fairness,

And we provide from our ivory tower.

You ask for comfort,

And we placate you with our lies.

You ask for what you need,

But that is something we decide...

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