Life In War

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This story is based on life in war and it describes the desperate condition of the soldiers taking part in the war.

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013




Blood splattered on the concrete pavement, glistening under the morning sun. Each droplet of blood submerged with tears of those who held the fallen dear. The shrieks and howls sounded like distant church bells to the man's ears. Lurching and crunching he wriggled out of his hiding position. The fumes swirled back and forth and faded away into the hollow blackness. The skinny structure gradually ascended, swaying to and fro and fell to his knees in a saint like crouch, weeping in front of his friends’ stone like form.

Blood throbbed into his ears, Jack who never gave up, never cried, was now sitting still with his hands trembling. Everything around him seemed to have gotten still, not able to hear anything apart from the distant voice calling for him, he hunched over Collins’ blood-spattered body.

David started his hunt for his friend, hoping against hope for everything to be fine. The site in front of him brought him to a sudden halt. It was not as if he had not seen people die before but his friends’ posture made his stomach grumble. Jack who was the living stone of his group, never cried, always protected everyone and provided comfort to others was cuddled over Collins’ corpse.

Jack felt light hands stroke his shoulder, something whispered in his ears and gentle hands untangle his fingers from his friends’ dead ones. As David tried to unclench jacks’ hands, he tightened them even more; he was not ready to leave his friend unsecured when he was taking his last breaths. This thought brought even more hot tears into his eyes and he shattered in front of his friend’s corpse.

David left his friend in the middle of the woods, leaving him to pour his heart out.  

The day after the funeral as David was staring at the peaceful waves, his hand clutched the pistol due to natural instinct as soon as he heard a gush of sudden whispers.

“ This attack should be completely hidden, not a single person in their clan should know about it, I have heard that millions of them are injured, they have been recently attacked, I doubt they have even recovered till now, if we attack when they are completely unprepared, then I think we will be able to take over their territory”

This was said in such a hushed manner, that it took time for David to fathom and then absorb the words, as soon as the realization settled in he found his legs drag him back to the camp where he declared the news to everyone.

This news was received by sullen faces and a moan; everyone started preparing themselves for another sadistic war not much different from the past ones.

Three days passed and everything was absolutely still, no one moved from their positions, everyone was expecting a troop to appear through the midst of the forest. Everyone kept track of any sort of action.

Hardly anyone was prepared to find the parasite of the disease in their camp!

In the camp, gloved hands curved around the lid of “Serene” slowly loosening it. Serene, the poisonous gas that would kill anyone the second they inhale it.

At two in the night, Jack felt a sick feeling creep over him; he felt as if someone was trying to choke him .As he tried to gasp for breath, he lifted his head and tried to take a glimpse of his other companions. He was taken aback by the view in front of him. All his companions were rolling on the ground trying to take in some air, the gagging sensation engulfing them all in its tide.

Within half an hour, not one living person was found in the runes of the camp, the only live sound was the distant chirping of the birds and someone laughing out loud chatting with someone.

“It’s done; I want all my money until noon today, Collin”, the person standing in the camp said.

 “Calm down, you will get all your money today.” a thick voice answered back through the receiver

 “I just don’t get why you tried to act as if you were dead in front of them and then turn your back against them? That guy Jack seemed pretty upset by the thought of loosing you.”

John clenched his hands at the thought of killing his friend, but then a voice in the back of his mind assured him saying, ‘You did this to free him of this life, you killed them all so that they do not need to suffer anymore in anymore wars, you gave them what they deserved, you gave them a fast and sudden death instead of a slow and painful one, their death must have engulfed them so quickly that must not even have had the time to feel pain.’

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Life In War

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