Lost Knight

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Story about two lost lovers. In short a modern fairy tale

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



She looked at the watch impatiently. It was already 8 p.m. She has been waiting for the bus for about an hour now. Due to the festive season,buses were less in number and all the cabs were full. She should have taken her sister's advice and booked a cab in advance,she thought. It was now getting really late for the dinner party her sister was hosting .

One by one all the cabs she hailed ,sped by.Not a single bus was in sight too.Slowly the traffic was getting thin and she began to get restless . Just then, a car came slowing down. She felt tempted to ask for a lift and hailed at the car. She just waited for a cue from the driver.The front door opened.At first, she hesitated taking the lift, but she was already late for the party and did not want to disappoint her sister. Her sister was all she had in this world."After all, I've got the pepper spray",she thought .She got into the front seat. Without making any eye contact,she asked the driver, "Can you drop me at Bandra please?" .

"Do you often trust strangers ,Tia?" said a steely voice. The voice ringed bells. Their eyes met.

Tia was 18 when she first met Ajay at the college class room. They were an instant hit as buddies. They studied together,had fun together,laughed and cried together and were inseparable . College ended and Tia wanted to join her family business and had planned to leave for her home town .Ajay got scholarship to study further and was travelling abroad the following week . They wanted to celebrate their success and their last day together along with other friends at Ajay's farm house . Tia played the excellent host for the evening for her best buddy . Finally the party was over. The last of the guests had parted too. It was time for Tia and Ajay to leave too. Ajay was high on alcohol.As Tia got her car keys to drop Ajay home, Ajay suddenly came too close to her and looked at her in her eyes.

"I will miss ,Tia.I do not know how I will manage without a buddy like you",he said softly.

Suddenly reality struck Tia like a thunder bolt.She did not know herself how she will manage without Ajay. Ajay had become an integral part of her life from the last 4 years.He was always there for her through thick and thin ,in misery and in happiness.She could not imagine a life without him.

Tears welled up her eyes. She embraced Ajay and cried " I will miss you too Ajay,much more than you can ever imagine".

None knew how it happened,but the embrace grew tighter,their lips met and before they realized what was happening, they were consumed with the passion of their lives.
When reality dawned to Tia, Ajay was fast asleep. One look at Ajay and Tia knew she was in love. Maybe she was in love with him from a long time, but did not realise it. But was Ajay in love with her? Tia knew Ajay was high on alcohol when it happened. There was a high chance Ajay may not remember any of it when he woke up ,as it often happened with him. But what if he remembered? Ajay knew Tia wanted to save her virginity for her future husband whoever he may be.She knew he would never want to hurt her and would be ridden with guilt, if he remembered the entire episode. Tia also did not expect Ajay to give her any commitments as she knew he was the "NO COMMITMENT" guy and liked his freedom.Besides, she did not know if Ajay was in love with her. Tia was torn between her own feelings and Ajay's future plans.
Tia finally assumed that Ajay may not remember anything after all, and she would leave it to that. Never mind her own feelings. She then wrote Ajay a note.

"Dear Ajay,
I am leaving in a hurry as something urgent has come up at home. Nothing serious, but Papa has fixed up my wedding. Will get in touch after I reach home
Take care,

And then she left him while he was still asleep.Running away from Ajay,that too like this, was not easy for Tia.Its all for Ajay's good,she thought.

Tia never contacted Ajay after that.She switched off her mobile phone and changed her mobile number as soon as she could.Somehow she had never shared her home town contact details with Ajay as there was always her mobile phone.She knew he would be angry with her for not keeping in touch , but she thought it was better than facing him. Though in some ways,she felt relieved that Ajay could not contact her ,she was also torn apart by her own feelings of craving.Everytime she closed her eyes, she could see him ,his smile and feel his skin on hers.

Five years passed by and here she was, sitting on the car seat, beside him.

They drove in silence for the next 10 minutes.

Then Ajay broke the silence and asked " How are you Tia?".

"I am doing great", she lied.

There was silence again.

Ajay broke the silence again and asked " WIll you not ask how am I doing Tia?"

"You look great. You are driving a posh sedan .So I assumed things are working great fo you. So I saved that question", retorted Tia.

"And emotionally, do you think I am ok?" , asked he.

Tia then looked into his eyes and saw a pain hidden somewhere in it. Was she imagining it or did she really see it?.Tia kept mum and they drove on.

"How is your husband?", he finally asked.

"Husband? I am not married" ,blurted out Tia before even realizing the outcome of it.

They were silent till the end of their journey.Tia tersely thanked Ajay for the lift and quickly got off the car. Tia was relieved when she got off the car. She did not not dare to look back and quickly slipped into her sister's apartment. The dinner party was great and Tia got a lift back home from one of her sister's acquaintances.

Tia could not sleep that night. She tossed around in the bed. All she could think was Ajay and everything about him .She could still the feel the smell of his musk . Tia did not know when she fell asleep, but suddenly found herself awakened by the insistent ringing of the door bell. She looked at the time. It was at 6 a.m. "Who could it be at this hour on a Sunday morning?", she thought.Sleepily, she gathered herself up and opened the door.There he was, standing at the door in the same clothes she had seen him in last night.He looked like he had slept in those clothes. Before she could let him in, he barged in ,inspecting her apartment.

"I am glad you could have some sleep .I could not",said Ajay tersely.

"Ajay, what are you doing here and how did you find me ?,she asked.

He was silent.

"Why?", she asked.

"You very well know why, Tia. You owe me an explanation of why you left the way you did" ,he demanded.

"I do not owe you any explanation Ajay.Besides,its not important now ", she replied.
"How do you know its not important Tia? Do you have any idea how I felt when I woke up the next morning after what happened between us the night before and not find you?"

"Oh God! he remembered the night. Maybe he felt guilty about it " she thought. "I left you a note", she tersely said.

Just then she could see a strange pain in his eyes.

"What are you doing here in Mumbai?. I thought you were now in New Jersey ?" ,she asked.

"I work here. Besides, I had to return ,Tia",said with his eyes locked with hers.

He was close, really close.Varied emotions started emanating from within her making her senseless and suddenly restless. How she wanted to touch him, feel him.
As if he had read her mind, he kissed her lightly. Hell broke loose by the kiss and the next moment they were both overwhelmed by a sense of urgency. Their mutual hunger was too strong to be satiated too quickly. They could simply not get enough of each other. They both cried each other's name countless times before finally lying satiated in each others arms . Tia did not know when she fell asleep,but when she woke up, she saw Ajay staring at her.

" Did you not sleep, Ajay?" she asked in a husky voice.

" I was scared I will lose you again if I slept Tia",whispered Ajay.
This one line explained it all to Tia. She realised what a fool she had been, running away from him.

" I am sorry Ajay for the the way I left you. But I did not want to put you in any fix.I did not to be a hurdle in your life. I did what I thought, was the best thing to do at that point of time",blurted out Tia.

"Your dad fixing up your wedding,that was just a made up story ,was it not?",asked Ajay.

Tia had no words to speak.

"Tia, do you have any idea how it felt to wake up that morning and find just the note instead of you?"

Tia watched him spell bound.Tears welled up her large eyes.

He then added," I was restless and frantic. I could not believe what I was reading. I wanted to tell you so many things that morning, Tia....Yes, I did go abroad shortly after that.But I was constantly in touch with other friends so that I could be in touch with you. But you seemed to have cut them all as well out of your life . All I could think of was, what had gone wrong that you left so abruptly. I could not get myself to believe your note.My heart blatantly refused to believe it.All I wanted was you.You were in my thoughts all the time. God knows how I completed my one year course abroad.As soon as the course was complete ,I decided to return to India instead of pursuing my career there. I could not imagine a life without you and staying there,so so far away from you, made no sense".

"You came back for me?",she interrupted.

"Yes. I did. And am happy I did.If I had not, how could I ever have found you?Shortly after I returned, I went to your home town. I knew yours was a renowned family there and I thought ,let me take my chances to see if I can trace you. It was not tough tracing your home there, but to my dismay, your family had moved out of there. Someone told me you moved to Mumbai".

"Yes there was a big loss at business and Dad did not survive the shock of the loss. Mom shortly followed after him. My sister and I had to sell up what was left and move to Mumbai. I somehow managed to get a job here",said Tia in a low voice.

"Oh Tia, how I wish I was there for you then",said Ajay huskily.

"I missed you so badly then, Ajay. I was tempted to call you so many times,but something always stopped me",Tia said softly.

Ajay went on," I then got a very good job offer in Mumbai and took it up gladly with the hope that I will someday find ,in this city . I knew that Mumbai was too big a city to find one woman. But nothing could stop me from trying."

" How did you find me, finally?", asked Tia eagerly.

"Tia, I knew you will get in touch with atleast one of your girl friends sometime or the other.I was in touch with all your friends that I knew .As if God had heard my prayers,you finally contacted Rimi and Rimi contacted me. I waited for a month for Rimi to get your address . When I did get your address I would wait outside your apartment whenever I could so that I could get a glimpse of you. After one week of trying, you finally were with me in my car".

"Ajay, I had no idea, you had to go through all this trouble for me. You could have just come up my doorstep and spoken to me",said Tia softly

"It was not easy ,Tia. You could have been married or been seeing someone. I did not want to interfere with your life. All throughout my search,my only prayer was that ,when I finally meet you, you will still be single".

"Oh Ajay, there has never been anyoneother than you,Ajay",cried Tia.

"Now I know that and am glad too. There is something else I wanted to tell you Tia. That morning when you left me, I realised that I love you and have never stopped loving you since then",said Ajay earnestly.

"I love you too Ajay. That why I left you so that you are not in any dilemma".

" Tia, will you marry me then?"

"Yes,Yes,Yes Ajay! I cannot believe all this is happening.Is there any such lady on earth ,that can resist such a charming knight ?"

And they lived happily ever after..........

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