It's real life

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Snow white has a huge twist added, to it: It's real life. Meaning, there is no elves and no-one to help save her.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012




She sat down on the leafy floor and breathed a deep sigh. What was she to do? Her step mother has banished her from her palace and now she has no over roof to put over her head. She buried her head in her hands and pondered over what she should do. This was no fairy tale, nothing was going to some and save her now. She watched as a leaf cascaded down and landed in a stream of dappled sunlight. The warm smell of autumn wafted around as the gentle sunlight shone an orange tint on the forest. The floor was covered in a blanket of leaves and the gentle, yet cooling breeze kept the forest feeling fresh and alive. She decided to get it together and think straight. First of all, she needed some food and water. After walking around for a while in the forest, she came across a tree with a peculiar looking fruit on it. Her mouth watered, looking at the juicy, orange thing, hanging from the branches. It was a long, almost banana shaped but not in bunches. she stretched, jumped and after several attempts, manages to grab one of the pieces of fruit. With no hesitation, she peeled it open and took a bite. Her taste buds exploded and she slowly swallowed the delicious fruit. Once, she finished it off, her head began to feel hazy. She knew that she needed water. A twig suddenly cracked behind her. Immediately, she was alert and on her feet. Spinning around, she ran for almost two minutes and then hid behind a tree. She panted, desperate for water as she realises, there was nothing behind her or chasing her. She was rather frustrated with herself and once again she realised her unquenchable thirst. Looking around her, she saw that there was a small river not far off. Once she reached, she drank water for a continuous minute. Again she began to feel hazy, but this time, not because she needed water. Her vision blurred, she felt dizzy and she passed out.

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