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poet finds that she have been cheated one day and is longing to challenge, but soon she find that there is no use of challenge, if the one cheated doesnt know why she is challenging. then she think, if the world thinks of challenges to all the mistakes and cheating it will only result in bloodshed. so this in turn made her to forgive...

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013






My anger raised and raised,

Wondering when it breaks out

As if the red coal was beneath me

Accompanying me.


I don’t want to know who I am

But I hunched for a second

To know who I would be,

After the reputation against the opponent.


Challenges I owe to take,

At the person, facing like a cop,

To show the heart I have had,

When his life turned upon me.

I risked my life,

I tore myself,

Still I can’t wipe the patch in my vision.


I felt my heart solidifying,

Solidifying to nothing, but bricks

Which can break at once and for all, once hammered.


I came to love raving and recanting,

I came to love rebuke and recalcitrant.

I found the whole world as insane,

Just to show, what my heart became,

Since the day I melted in front of the world.


Suddenly I felt a prickle, then a tickle awakening,

From the side of my heart,

Ultimately all over, like an ocean,

Flashing images of peaceful world,

Rather a world of wild, where, man turns to beast.

Other side of my heart,

 Gleamed the image of the opponent, faintly


I stood staring at the peaceful world,

Living, depending on other tutorials,

Where mistakes exist,

But soon extinct, with words of convincing and forgiveness.


But the world of darkness, binds on the other side,

Piercing like a sword of Zeus

Littering the adorn-world with bloodsheds of poor,

To compel the thirst of barren dust.


This, strike my heart, like fetters and shackles,

A touch of hardness and regret.


I thought to give chance to the mistakes,

Mistakes of the one made me small,

Which in turn made me a man today.


Thank you.


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