strange sacrifice

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It was a small village by the rivet gangs in India.during a ceremony a priest gave a strange gift.let us find out what it was.

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



In a village on the river bank of river ganga. In a small temple where the villagers were celebrating a ceremony in praise of tthe almighty. All wome were dancing and men were playing musical instruments. Then ther were three vief priests who were repeating the name of god randomly.then one priest stepped forward and praid the god in many ways,''oh almighty ,you are my diety,you are great ,from inside an idol,you notice all our actions."Then he fellon to the feet of the idol and  succeeded.then the second priest gave a basketfull of fruits and three boxes full of sweets and kept it on the feet of the idol , touched it ,and stepped away.Finally,the third priest took out a case of spectacles out of his nag and did the same. Suddenly everyone under the roof laughed and teased hom badly.Then,he said softly ''Sorry for interrupting in your buisiness but i had thought alot and finally came up with this idea.The reason for giving this silly gift is because my housewas burgled on Tuesday ,my neighbour was murdered , my friends son was kidnapped and many other things happen day by day .so I must expect you to know the answer to your question." Hearing this there was a silent atmosphere all over the are . Then suddenly everone started praising him and that day everyone was impressed by his high mentality!

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