The mysterious case

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This is about a 12 grade school going boy named Sam who became an alien,Ando by the magical powers of real Andos who came from planet Android and were hungry so asked Sam for food but they were given the food they really dislike and so they punished Sam and transformed him into an Ando .

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013




Once upon a time , there lived spooky mysterious mystery in the huge dark caves behind the bushes on top of a scary dark mountain . The mountain was surrounded by black clouds . After a long time it was found that the mystery was an alien which was called Ando from the planet Android . Ando was actually a human being called Sam . He turned into an alien in a very strange way. It may feel very mysterious . Sam was actually a school going 12 grade boy who was brought for a field trip for the school . He knew the place nicely where he was brought to . Sam and his group were on the way when a bear suddenly started running behind them.Sam had tripped and fell when everyone ran away leaving him behind . The bear suddenly ran off after seeing a blue-green light behind the bushes . It was too late for Sam to escape and so he kept on staring at the strange light and when he noticed it carefully he could see that it was a UFO which landed from space . It was unclear because of the darkness of night . Two strange creatures which look the same landed .  They were actually Andos from the planet Android . They were very much hungry so they asked Sam “  Food Food Food . . . “ Sam got scared but he realized that the aliens were hungry and wanted food so he took him to a place where there is sweet grape tree and sour grape tree . Sour grapes were bad in taste so he gave them sweet grapes to eat . The aliens took a bite and threw it out of their mouths telling “ We We We don’t don’t don’t like like like sweet sweet sweet things things things . . . We We We didn’t didn’t didn’t like like like it it it so so so you you you get get get punished punished punished ... “ and so a ray stared coming out from their foreheads and turned him into the alien , Ando who was black in colour with 2heads, 4 eyes, 8 tongues ,16 hands, 32 legs and 62 fingers in each hand and leg ! do you think it is true ? some people think it is true and some people think it is false , but however , this remains an incomplete mystery .

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