Our First Date

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

You're quickly becoming my favorite person.

The whole drive I tried to keep my mind focused on how excited I was & away from how nervous I was. I had been feeling so anxious the majority of the day & spent most of the afternoon changing my outfit, ranting to my roommate, and pacing back and forth in my room. I tried to be as normal as possible as we texted throughout the day, attempting to be honest, but not let on how extremely nervous I was. I knew that we both considered it a date, I knew that we had both admitted having feelings for each other that had grown over the several weeks prior, but I knew how many times I had felt so strongly for someone and had been rejected. What if that happened again? What if we met & everything fell apart? Unlikely? Extremely likely? I contemplated canceling so many times, but the better part of me realized how necessary it was for me to get over my fears and worst obsessions and follow through with the commitment that I had made. I purposely did not put on the playlist that I had made full of your song suggestions; I couldn’t risk any of them being ruined by my anxiety. 


I arrived early, exactly as I planned. I only sat for about ten minutes filled with anxiety before I saw you. The fear, the anxiety, everything gone. At that moment you were my biggest focus and everything became so clear. You were cuter than I expected. 


“I’m looking at her right now” 


We hugged & talked about our days as we walked to the bookstore. Everything felt so easy as we talked like old friends. We made jokes the whole time. I felt calm. 


We made it to the bookstore & I could instantly tell how excited you were. We walked around every inch of that store & spoke about our lives, never letting the other have to fill in the silence. I watched how excited you got as we walked into new rooms that felt infinite. We laughed as we read some of the titles, and as we tried to find the book to open the secret passageway. The more we spoke, the more in common we felt. Everything felt easy. 


We went to the balcony. That’s when it realized how deeply I was falling. I looked at you and listened as you spoke and took pictures of how beautiful everything looked. 


Eventually, we settled at a table where we sat and listened to the music. You pulled out your list of questions for me. Wow. I had never met someone so diligent and selfless. 


We played a game. I told you it was my favorite, but in reality, it didn’t become my favorite until I played with you. We made up the background of the artist performing. You can learn about a person this way: their priorities, their aspirations, etc. There were a few songs where we just listened & didn’t speak. I looked at you during several of these moments and tried to learn as much about you from those features as I could.

We went on a walk, where we shared more stories and it became more and more difficult to admit that the night was coming to an end. We said our see you soons. 


You called me to tell me about the moon. 


“I know there’s a social taboo about calling someone immediately after the first date, but you have to look at the moon” 


Darling, I wanted to call you so badly. It’s almost like you knew. 


I shared the songs I added to the playlist shortly after I returned to campus. I was so scared that I was falling too hard. The songs I added, they shared a lot about my feelings. You asked why I added them, and proceeded to tell me that you had listened to the James Arthur one…


“I’m not scared to say it either” 


I’m falling for you. 

Until next time.


Submitted: November 12, 2019

© Copyright 2020 bhgilner. All rights reserved.

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