Bang your mind

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In one summer when i was so free & had nothing amusing to do...
When life seemed to be a failure & echoes of loser kept haunting mind...
So i tried writing this poem in a rap style...
Coz Eminem's songs was giving me spirit that time..!!!

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013




As usual em using this urban slang
So that with some stuff to your MIND i can bang...
If you are completely pissed off and really low...
Then i would like to heartly welcome ya to this show...
Mind YOU ; "MIND" if its bored Totally
You know foul's knocking your head Shortly
Shitty Naive thing's seems to haunts ya thots
Busting & flaunting our minds like terrorist shots
You feel failure mocking ya at every step
Something's goddamn,YOU just can't escpape
Controlling this mind ain't a baby's task..!
Sick & tired of hypocrisy,so fuck this mask..!!
Such lame sluggy filth,that only a bitch can think
Just hope dis horrible crap disappears in a blink
Get back to routine or Get involved in what ya love
NO better way to strike yea rather pin this woe..!
"Empty mind is a devils workshop" they say
How damn true,look at the sluts for example i pray :p
Ohh dear LORD, MIND PLZ i wish em never so unoccupied again
So i can stay away from this bullshit,agony and pain..!!!
MIND IT,i wrote this coz this MIND's so fickle
It always needs some stuffs to engage or giggle
Oftenly it ends landing itself in unwanted pickle
And for long ya keep regreting sucking that nipple..!!
You feel like to call it the final quit
Your life seems to be a big ball of shit
I guess its the rough patch
When all You keep getting is a booby catch
To your heart bitter memories stab
And all that you see,you just wanna grab
Ergo YOU give up evrything,all the hopes...!!
Such are the times,when suicide & other pollute fills ya dopes 
But somehow on your own,you gotta get through da time
Holding on & away from some silly stupid crime
And dear frndz,once these tests of nerves are clear...
There's nothing but this much pursuited highway to steer :)

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