Beware of some strangers

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A writing from my life experience...
Message:-initially when with people(however tempting) you are not quite acquainted to,don't allow them to play or use you.

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



People come & go in our routine
Some make it into our world...
Some are drug like,be meticulous before getting addicted to them
So if someday they leave
you just can't live...!!!
Strangers are strange....
When in high school or jr. college
How madly with open arms we adore amusing strangers
Thinking they would be our bestie forever...
But gradually we are stuck by the harsh truth
That the people who then welcomed us easily were never really ours
It's just pass by time or our destinies were meant to be crossed,thats it.
We learn,become tough and mature from these experiences
Hence,now strangers trying to break in forcefully in our life frightens us.
Coz they are the ones who pops into our mind and reminds us-"the one that got away"
Reticent personalities allures me now.
We try our level best to be tough and not lose ourselves
but when some stranger too adament enough in an amazing way
& unique style of their's which just blows us away...!!!
We just can't help but give way to that person in our life.
Breaks like a dam then emotions and thoughts which we have being holding!
However sometimes we stubbornly enjoy the love and care we get from some people for whom we are dearest
but when they go ; we realise we have actually became addicted to their small-small thing's & care...
Which we first used to find stupid
and thats when we become stranger to our own shadow :(
It then seems as
Life is indeed a circle which has curves(concave & convex)
but then finally drops us to where it started.
As we are left in solitude & suddenly everyone around seems so stranger again :(
PS: Afraid of people whom after knowing we start finding strangers..!!!
Who takes us as high as on cloud 9
Only to then leave us there;without a parachute :(

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