The Castle of the Orc

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the pain one feels deep down is immense

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



In the castle of the Orc

One maiden stood alone

Until a knight came and saved her from the beast

But he was rewarded with slavery to his heart-

He carried her from rags to riches but yet she wanted more

When he couldn’t deliver she dumped her hero on my shore

Where I embraced him in my arms of water

His riches gone.

His heart destroyed.

I took him in

Gave him a reason to fight

I turned his anger into power

His armour no longer glistened hour by hour

And he became the beast he once fought

And she floundered of as melancholy as ever

Waiting for the next knight to save her

But her night came and he slit her throat

And as her blood stained the floor

He laughed and said

You will hurt no more

His heart turned blacker and his thoughts darker as time past

And no longer could I control him

He killed and killed

The castle where he saved her became his new home

His enemy’s bones became his throne

He raised his army from the dead

And I was filled with so much dread

Another knight touched my coast

I saw in him more power than most

So I gave him a sword made of my life

And made him destroy my own strife

He met the foe on the peaks of a mountain

And they fought

And the gods lightning shattered the sky.

Eventually my blade was plunged into that heart of dark

And the sun rose to the sound of a lark.

The dark night had been slain,

And freed from his pain

Of the one whom he saved,

The one he slaved.

The one who let him fall into madness

And as my blade was returned to my waters

I felt a sense of sadness.

He only wanted to love

To feel like the majestic dove

But he had turned into a monster

And now lay in a pool of black blood

Devoid of everything good.

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