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This is the first book review for the bialien trilogy novel.

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



EditNY Book Review Written by EditNY

Title: Bialien: Rise of the BiAlienSapien: Human Evolved.

Theme: A roller coaster ride from Earth to the Andromeda galaxy and exploring new alien concepts (and their conspiracies)

Thesis: Good and bad aliens thrive and one man’s quest to save his planet could prove to be an impossible feat

Love transcends all galactic boundaries and conspiracies run the gamut from aliens’ attempt to attack Earth to the government’s general cover-up of most things outlandish. A newcomer in the science fiction realm, this book will open up minds and imaginations across the spectrum, drawing readers from other genres. Modern scientific theories about other galaxies and their dwellers are furthered by the author’s seemingly clever and deep imagination and woven into a complex tale of discovery, renewal, love, betrayal, jealousy, and conflict.

The author’s talent for story writing first won acclaim back in high school where he was first published in a youth literary magazine. Now, years later, his talents are fully on display in the first of a three-part series. The action-packed first part of this trilogy begins in the mid 1990s with Jaden Marino, the protagonist, running from the government. Having encountered a UFO near his home in upstate New York, the government is after Jaden, an ordinary teenager, in order to kill him as a precautionary measure. The author highlights his wide-ranging views on government cover-up and conspiracy throughout the scenes in the book.

The author further effectively takes us from chapter to chapter without losing momentum. There is hardly time to take a breather, as one moment Jaden is operating the UFO, having left his family and girlfriend behind, and eluding military aircraft that are after him. Next he is in outer space, being rescued by friendly aliens while kidnapped on a rival alien planet. There, his good alien friends find a new threat to the galaxies. A powerful new unstoppable force is discovered. No one has ever seen anything like it before.

Breakthrough scientific explanations are always on hand as are vibrant descriptions and scenes. One such scene is where Jaden discovers sea alien life in an underwater ocean on Jupiter’s ice moon, Europa, unintentionally plunging into it. The impact lands him straight inside a giant alien sea monster’s stomach where he tries not to get digested. Entertaining characters, humor-filled dialogue, and refreshing, mind-opening view points are core elements of this emerging author’s repertoire. We are introduced to new and viable concepts in environmental protection, especially on Planet Xenos, where virtual reality takes on its truer meaning. Gravity games and an alien chess game are better than any video game.

The character of Jaden is well-rounded and substantial. Jaden is not like your typical super hero seen in Hollywood movies. We see Jaden emerge from his teenage years as a curious, smart ass into a responsible citizen of the world, or more appropriately, the galaxy. The many bumps along his journey only serve to make him stronger, especially once he achieves his offense and defense weapons system. Jaden must contend with an unknown force that has become a part of him and which has him struggling (or tinkering on the fence) between good and evil. Jaden’s accelerated growth into manhood and subsequent inheriting of alien “parts” are vividly illustrated, as the tiniest elements take on a life of their own. The author pays tribute to the classics, such as Knight Rider’s Kitt and Star Trek, as some of their well known devices are uniquely incorporated into the storyline.

The many characters in the story are appropriately allocated and developed. Jaden’s girlfriend reflects the modern woman as she pursues a career and has had one broken relationship too many. In a futuristic twist that is none too far away, his girlfriend, having given up on relationships, kept a male robot around for company. Their “getting to know you” courtship lasted for a mere ten minutes, as the last 20 years of their lives were exchanged via high tech mind reading. It is politics as usual in the White House, but a conspiracy against a major political figure is both shocking and utterly betraying. Jaden’s now fully developed range of super human skills comes to good use and just in time too. The bigger of the two conspiracies, however, is a pending attack on Earth by a bad alien race. In Jaden’s attempt to warn the government, he is instead chased by his old enemy in one of many ways, including in a futuristic and very expensive car producing a high-energy car chase. The author takes us through each compelling and action-filled scene as though we were there alongside Jaden. Another well-crafted scene is a hair-raising jump from 35,000 feet out of a jumbo 737 without a parachute, to rescue a government official befitting a superhero, after said official attempts unsuccessfully to halt the chaos happening onboard. Jaden cannot fly, however, as a half alien, he cleverly figures out a way from exploding into the ground.

The last several chapters you will probably read while on the edge of your seat, as I did, wanting to find out what happens in the end. Oh, and the end, well, you will not see that one coming! A true shocker! Overall, the author has crafted a fine science fiction novel complete with all the usual elements as well as some surprising twists and turns. As an average reader of historical romance fiction, I learned much about current and relevant scientific theories as relating to the body, environmentally sound strategies, the solar system and outer galaxies. One of the more interesting of such scientific concepts is alien and human nanotechnology. The author has clearly done his research and incorporates these concepts seamlessly into the storyline where they become an integral part of the whole thesis of the book. Volume two of this Bi-Alien trilogy should prove to further delve into galaxy exploration and continue to expand imaginations everywhere.

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