That One Night..

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This is my first story. It's about a guy named Bryson and his one night stand..Yeah I'm not really good at summaries so just take a gander and let me know what you think!

Submitted: June 04, 2010

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Submitted: June 04, 2010



Bryson walked coolly down the nearly empty street. He was a little tipsy with nowhere in particular to go. He inhaled the heavily polluted air of Los Angeles, he was loving life at the moment, but that could have been the eleven beers talking. He crossed the street without looking both ways and gave a quick smile to the homeless person perched on a bus stop bench. He laughed at the hag’s one finger salute, it didn’t faze him, not tonight. Bryson kept on his random journey to nowhere. He took in his surroundings as if he were some tourist, stupid enough to want to visit this part of LA. The run down buildings and liquor stores and trash that littered the ground; all was home to him.
Bryson was too busy observing his surroundings to notice the obviously drunk woman rounding the corner. The collision sent her flying onto her backside. Bryson quickly snapped back into reality and rushed to the woman’s side.
“Are you all right? Jesus, I’m so sorry.”
She let out a loud laugh and swatted his hand away. Her arms wrapped around her stomach as she laughed even harder. Bryson couldn’t help but to laugh along with her, it was contagious. He stayed knelt by her side until she calmed down. She sat up swiftly and stared at him with glazed over hazel eyes. Her hair was disarray, but other then that she seemed fine. Bryson stood up and put his hand out. She took it and he helped her up.
“Hey so you all right?” Bryson asked again as he let her go.
She nodded slowly and started teetering off to the side. Bryson quickly grabbed hold of her shoulders and stabilized her.
“Had a little bit too much to drink?” He said jokingly.
She let out another hardy laugh, which caused Bryson to chuckle as well. “You’re funny,” she slurred and gave him a playful shove, only causing her to lose balance again.
Bryson held her by her shoulders again and kept it that way. “Why thank you. So—”
“You’re welcome.”
“— do you have somewhere you need to be? Someone you should be with?” Bryson felt as if he were tending to a five year old who had been separated from her mother.
“Umm…” She put a finger up to her chin and looked as if she were thinking very hard. “Wha’?” She asked after a long moment of silence. Bryson laughed in defeat and decided that questions would no longer be administered to this girl.
Bryson observed her short flashy dress and heels. “Guessing from your attire you were at a club,” he spoke more to himself.
“A club!” She got excited. She broke lose from his grip and started dancing around. This amused Bryson for a moment. He looked for her purse or wallet, anything with an id.
“No wallet?” He whispered to himself. “Hey!” He ended the girl’s dancing. “Where’s your purse? Got a cell phone or some id so I can take you home?” He broke his no question rule.
She stared at him with a dumb smile, her head swayed as if she had been spinning around too much. “I think…someone stole it!” Her eyes widened as if she had a shocking revelation. “Someone stole my shit!” She was angry now. She spun around and started marching in the direction of the homeless lady on the bench.
“Hey! Whoa wait a minute,” Bryson wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in the opposite direction. “You came from this way, remember?”
She snorted and staggered around the corner. “Oh. Right. Thank God I found you,” she laughed. “Wait,” she stopped walking and stared at him seriously. “You’re not trying to rape me are you?”
Thank God I found you indeed, Bryson thought to himself. “No. My name’s Bryson,” he took her hand into his and shook it.
She gave an over exaggerated nod. “Ok Bryson, I trust you now.”
Bryson gave her an amused look. “Great,” he mumbled to himself.
He wanted to go home now, but couldn’t just leave this girl wondering the streets alone, especially now that she trusted him. He looked down the street and if his memory served him correctly there wasn’t a single club for the next three or so miles. He let out an exhausted sigh. He turned to the girl and decided he would take a chance and ask her again if she knew where she should be. She was looking at him with a blank stare and before Bryson could ask her if she was all right, he saw the whites in her eyes as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Bryson quickly caught her before she hit the ground.
“Are you shitting me right now? Hey!” Bryson tapped her face lightly. “Hello? Anyone home?” Bryson tapped a little harder. “Jesus fucking Christ!”
Bryson looked around for any help, of course there wouldn’t be any at two in the morning. Bryson wrapped one arm around the girl’s waist and held her firmly against his chest as he fumbled for his phone in his pocket. He flipped it open then closed it again. The girl obviously passed out, nothing fatal. There was no need to call an ambulance, charging this unidentifiable girl five hundred dollars. Bryson slipped the phone back into his pocket. He let out a deep breath and threw the girl over his shoulder. He stumbled to the right a bit, but quickly regained his balance. He pulled the girl’s dress down so that her ass wasn’t hanging out in his face.
This looked bad, this looked very bad. Though there wasn’t anyone around, Bryson bet God was just shaking his head at him in disgust, checking off yet another reason to send him to Hell. But then he quickly took the thought back.
“Jesus would have done this,” Bryson convinced himself. Though Bryson couldn’t care less what God, Jesus, or any of his little friends thought of his actions in life, Bryson felt good knowing that he was doing a good deed. Bryson made his ten-minute travel home in good spirit, but by the time he reached his apartment his right shoulder was throbbing. The girl hadn’t stirred a bit, if it weren’t for her light breathing, Bryson would have sworn she was dead.
Bryson cursed every step he had to walk up. “Get the freaking elevators fixed,” he whispered angrily to himself. He was relieved when he reached the fourth floor, even got a second wind. He was thankful that his keys were in his left pocket.
Bryson walked straight to the bathroom. If this girl passed out from too much alcohol consumption, he didn’t want her vomiting on his bed or couch while in her drunken stupor. He placed her gently in the tub. She would wake up extremely confused, but at least his furniture was safe.
Bryson shamelessly urinated into the toilet before he left the bathroom. He left the light on just in case she woke up before sunrise. He started for his bedroom and decided to sleep on the couch. If this girl woke up before he did, he wanted to get the chance to have a real conversation with her before she bolted. She was hot enough, with a round face paired with full lips; she was definitely a potential fuck. Bryson grabbed a pillow and the sheets off of his bed and got comfortable on the couch.
He was out within seconds.
Bryson shot up at the sound of the floorboards creaking. He had nearly forgotten about the girl that had slept in his bathtub as he jumped off the couch.
“Oh my God!” The panic in the girl’s voice was evident.
“Hey you’re awake—” Bryson was cut off by the heel of her knock off Gucci shoe cutting him across the cheek. “Holy fuck!” Bryson stumbled off to the side and clumsily tripped over the sheets that he had thrown on the floor. Bryson touched the side of his face and marveled at the bright red liquid on his fingertips. He saw the girl’s legs dart over his body towards the door. “Wait!” Bryson desperately grabbed her ankle. He quickly regretted it when her other foot came smashing down onto his face. Bryson instantly let go of the girl and grabbed hold of his bleeding nose. “What the hell!” He yelled out. Bryson staggered onto his feet as he heard the door swing open. He wasn’t about to let this girl leave thinking he was some psycho trying to harm her.
“Wait!” He yelled down the hall.
“Fuck off!” She screamed back as she ran down the stairs barefoot.
“I saved you!” Bryson followed her. She was already gone before he could even get to the second floor. “Fucking bitch,” Bryson said out of frustration. He immediately took it back. She woke up in a bathtub, in a stranger’s apartment. She woke up in a male stranger’s apartment’s bathtub. She had every reason to act as she did. But it sucked.
Bryson’s head was pounding by the time he got back to his apartment. A river of blood was still running out of his nose. He grabbed a dishtowel from the kitchen and pressed it firmly against his nose. He was just glad it wasn’t broken.
After the blood stopped flowing Bryson cleaned himself up and headed for the coffee shop down the street.
“What the hell happened to you?” Owen asked as she poured a cup of coffee for Bryson.
“I got into a fight,” he lied. “Pretty manly huh?”
Owen rolled her eyes not buying it. “Oh yeah, I’m just getting so hot and bothered at the thought.”
Bryson chuckled at her sarcasm. He took a sip of his coffee and looked around the shop.
“Well? What happened?” She pressed. She wasn’t going to be able to stand there much longer, people now a days were so impatient.
“Well I ran into this drunk chick last night and as a Good Samaritan I sheltered her. She woke up this morning, panicked, and attacked me before I could explain.” Bryson summed it up quickly before taking another swallow.
“Wow. Good for her.”
Bryson nearly choked on his hot beverage. “Good for her? She attacked me. I’m the victim in this scenario.”
“Well what the hell were you thinking when you brought her to your apartment?”
“I was thinking ‘wow it’s two in the morning and I really don’t want to be walking around town with some passed out drunk on my shoulder trying to find God knows what!’ That’s what I was thinking,” Bryson took a deep breath after his rant.
Owen rolled her eyes. “Oh well that bitch for not dropping her panties the moment she came in contact with you—”
“Oh God all right,” Bryson tried to end her sarcastic comments.
“No, no. She should have known that you were being a Good Samaritan and taken her to your creepy little shack you call an apartment, in good faith. That ungrateful little whore, I say when my shift ends we go find her and teach her a lesson.”
Bryson rolled his eyes and ignored her.
“For fuck sake Bryson, she’s a female, I’d be more upset if she hadn’t attacked you. It’s not her fault you went about it the wrong way.
“Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled as he continued to look around the shop.
“Yeah, yeah,” she mocked him. “When my shift ends I’ll treat you to dinner, on behalf of all the drunken girls everywhere,” she offered.
Bryson chuckled lightly, and looked back at Owen. She smiled sweetly at him, giving him a tingle in his lower regions. Owen’s pixy haircut that shaped her lightly freckled face always made Bryson think she was cute. “Fine,” he agreed.
“Fine, I’ll call you later.” She pushed up her glasses and walked away from him.
Bryson downed the rest of his coffee and threw a five on the counter. He walked out of the little coffee shop happier than when he came in. Of course nothing would happen with Owen because of her beau, but the thought of being alone with her was still nice.
“Well, well, well…” Bryson chimed as he approached the drunken girl from last night sitting on the steps to his building.
“Hey!” She shot up. “I’m so sorry for attacking you this morning I just—”
“No, no it’s fine. It’s not like I saved your life from being killed out on these streets or anything,” Bryson said bitterly as he unlocked the door. Owen’s words ran through his head and he instantly wished he didn’t say what he did.
The girl followed him inside. “Well I’m sorry. I woke up in some stranger’s tub, I watch a lot of TV and nothing good ever comes out of waking up in a stranger’s tub.”
“Yeah I know, I’m just being an asshole, I’m sorry,” Bryson apologized.
“Oh…Well you’re forgiven…I guess. But I just wanted to say thank you and I was hoping you still had some of that generosity in you?” She asked hopefully.
“You’re not from around here,” Bryson stated it more as a fact than a question.
“No. I’m on vacation and now I don’t know where my wallet or cell is. My friends must be freaking out, but I don’t even know where the hell I am,” her voice shook. She bit her lip as tears filled her eyes. She looked a lot younger right then. Her makeup was smudged and her hair was all over the place. She looked like she was eighteen…or nineteen if that really made a difference.
“C’mon,” Bryson jerked his head in the direction of the stairs.
Her eyes lit up in delight. “Thank you so much. I owe you big!”
Yeah, definitely eighteen. Bryson felt dirty for thinking about sleeping with her. Five years seemed like such a huge gap when the potential was only a couple months over being jailbait.
“Alright, tell me your name first,” he said once they stepped into his apartment.
“Arianna,” she answered as she stood awkwardly by the door. She was still holding her heels.
“Well you can sit Arianna, even though you don’t remember, you did sleep here.”
She gave him a weak smile and sat on the couch. “Yeah, I really shouldn’t drink so much.”
“How old are you?” Bryson fed his curiosity.
“Twenty,” she responded. That was acceptable. He handed her his cell phone. “Thanks,” she said and started dialing. Bryson was impressed that she actually had a number memorized. The only number Bryson had memorized was his childhood house number, that and 9-1-1 of course.
“Katy?” Arianna’s voice perked up.
“Arianna?” Bryson could hear the other end of the conversation perfectly.
“Yeah Katy it’s me—”
“Jesus Arianna where the fuck are you? We’ve been looking for you like crazy! Where the hell is your cell? Whose phone is this?” This Katy chick sounded mad, but most likely relieved that her friend wasn’t dead in some gutter.
“I know, I’m sorry. I’m a dumbass,” Arianna admitted shamefully. Bryson nodded in agreement. Arianna didn’t notice. “Hold on,” she looked over at Bryson. “Where are we?” She asked.
“We’re more west LA,” Bryson explained.
Her eyes light up. “We were partying in LA last night!” she said quickly. “But our hotel is in Orange County,” her memory was coming back to her. She even remembered that Jasmine had been holding her purse for her last night. But she couldn’t remember talking to Bryson or even leaving the club.
“Ask him if he can get you a cab?”
Bryson nodded before Arianna could ask.
“He said yeah. Ok so I’ll see you when I get back.”
“Alright, see ya.” The conversation ended smoothly.
Bryson took his phone back and called the cheapest cab company he knew. He hoped this girl wasn’t expecting him to pay for it, if she was staying in OC she must have her own chunk of change.
“So they said they should be here in fifteen minutes,” he told her.
She let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you so much. For everything.”
Bryson nodded his ‘you’re welcome’ and started looking around his apartment remembering Owen calling it creepy. True it was small and the floor boards where so old that he could hear them creak even when the smallest rat scurried across. And the living room, kitchen, and “dining area” were all in one room. And his windows were barred.
But it was home to him damn it!
“Oh my god!” Arianna screamed and jumped up on the couch. She pointed frantically at something. Bryson shot up too already knowing what it was. “Oh my God! Get it!” She demanded.
Bryson grabbed a large bowl out of the sink and chased the furry creature. He was able to trap it under the bowl, but felt bad when he saw its tail still sticking out. Arianna shrieked in disgust. Bryson dragged the bowl across the floor as the rat thrashed violently underneath. He lifted the bowl near one of the traps.
Arianna shrieked again as the trap snapped the rat’s neck.
“Maybe we should wait outside,” Bryson suggested lifting up the trap. “It’s a beautiful day.”
Arianna was out the door before he could say anything else.
Bryson rapped loudly on the metal door. His excitement for his dinner with Owen dwindled when she said she would cook at her place.
“Hey man!” Kyle greeted him.
“Hey what’s going on?” Bryson slapped hands with him before entering the apartment.
“Hey Bryce!” Owen yelled from the kitchen.
Bryson was going to walk over and give her a kiss on the cheek, but quickly changed his mind when he saw Claudette in there as well. If he kissed Owen, he would be forced to kiss Claudette as well and Bryson didn’t even want to be within ten feet of Claudette.
“What’s up Owen…Claudette,” Bryson acknowledged them both as he sat on the couch.
“You ready to do this?” Kyle flashed the Madden game in his face.
Bryson got excited. “Let’s go.”
Bryson watched as Kyle set it up. From the outside looking in no one would have guessed that Kyle had broken Bryson’s nose and cracked two of his ribs last summer. Of course it was Bryson’s fault for making a move on Owen, but the two-month recovery and thirteen hundred dollar hospital bill was a bit harsh. But as men do, they let it go and Bryson let go of the little crush he had on Owen. And now they were good old fake friends that only came into contact when Owen was involved and only talked about sports.
“This is typical. The boys sitting out there playing their little games while the women do all the work,” Owen complained.
Kyle chuckled but Bryson ignored her completely. He stayed focused on his offensive line. He was not going to lose this game.
“Boys will be boys,” Claudette commented as she stared dreamily at Bryson.
Her voice alone made Bryson cringe, and feeling her gaze caused him to fumble the ball.
“Off to a great start Bryce,” Kyle snorted.
“I’ll get it back,” Bryson said almost mechanically as he stared at the screen.
Claudette being there made him uncomfortable. He couldn’t remember how many times he told Owen that he would not go out with Claudette. She was an over possessive stalker with an unhealthy crush on Bryson. She knew his phone number after their first encounter, and was ringing on his doorbell by their second. Claudette was one step up from a cracked out whore in Bryson’s eyes, and although looks aren’t everything, Bryson whole-heartedly believed there had to be some kind of physical attraction. Bryson shuddered at the memory of her throwing herself at him. Her giant tits pressed against his chest and her too-many-teeth-in-one-mouth biting down on his bottom lip.
“Touchdown!” Kyle yelled, jumping up with his arms raised in victory.
Bryson glanced over at Claudette in the kitchen. It was her fault.
“Game’s not over bitch. Stop celebrating.”
Kyle laughed and sat back down. “Yeah we’ll see.”
Third quarter three minutes on the clock. Bryson’s palms were sweating as he tried to get his team to the end zone. He had to use the bathroom, but didn’t want to break the concentration. All he needed was one touchdown to tie the game; he needed to enter the fourth quarter tied.
“Fuck!” Bryson yelled. He dropped his controller onto the coffee table and watched as Kyle intercepted the ball and took off running in the opposite direction. He didn’t even bother blocking him.
Kyle scored the touchdown then placed his controller gently onto the table and looked over at Bryson. He tried maintaining his cheers of clear victory.
Bryson continued to stare at the screen. “You can say it,” he said calmly.
“I’m not going to say anything,” Kyle matched his tone.
“Go on just say it.”
“I’m not saying anything.”
“Alright dipshits, dinner’s ready,” the always a lady, Owen, announced.
Bryson got up grateful that they wouldn’t have to finish this game. He made a pit stop at the bathroom before taking his seat next to Claudette. At least then he wouldn’t have to look across the table at her.
“So how’s it been going Bryson? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” Claudette smiled at Bryson’s profile. Her too many teeth all fighting to be seen.
Bryson pretended to be too involved in picking out stuffed shells to hear Claudette, who sat less than two feet away.
She fell for it and asked about his well being again this time a little louder. Bryson was going to pretend to be deaf again until he saw the look Owen gave him. It said, ‘you better fucking be nice to her or else…’ Owen was one tough bitch; Bryson would never admit out loud that he was kind of scared of her.
“Um…nothing much, just been hanging around.” If he was going to be forced to talk to her, he sure as hell wasn’t going to look at her.
“And helping out drunk girls right?” Claudette said and let out a laugh, more like a cackle. A cackle that Bryson dreaded.
His head shot up to look at Owen, who smiled innocently and looked down at her food.
“I wanna hear about that one,” Claudette said and playfully touch his arm.
Bryson’s eyes shot to where her hand had landed, then to her face. It didn’t seem like she noticed his gesture, although it wouldn’t have been entirely bad if she had. He wanted it to get through to her. I’M NOT INTERESTED!
Bryson explained the whole scenario, in full detail to the whole table. He glanced over at Claudette twice during his entire story. Only to make sure she hadn’t turned into a hyena mid laugh. Bryson couldn’t wait to leave.
“Well I’m off,” Bryson announced after all the dishes were cleared away.
“Aw so soon?” Claudette put on a sad face.
Yes to get away from you, Bryson thought. “Yeah,” he said out loud.
“Why the hell you leavin’ so early Bryce? We still got one more quarter to play,” Kyle pointed towards the paused game on the TV screen.
“You already know you kicked my ass Kyle, no need to embarrass me anymore.”
Kyle thought of last summer and literally kicking Bryson’s ass, and laughed wishing he could make a joke out of it. Of course he would have to pass on this opportunity for several reasons, but still found it amusing.
“Alright then man maybe next time.”
Bryson nodded but doubted it. “So I’ll see you tomorrow morning, as usual,” he spoke to Owen.
“As usual,” she nodded.
Bryson got to the door before saying his goodbyes to Claudette. He didn’t want her trying to slip in a hug or anything.
“See ya around Claudette,” he waved to her actually making eye contact.
She smiled broadly. “Don’t be a stranger.”
“Right,” he mumbled to himself and stepped out.
“Perfect timing,” Bryson spoke to his phone as it alerted him of a text message. He read the message as he walked towards the bus stop.
We’re getting fucked up tonight brethren.
The simple message caused a smile to spread across his face. It was his last free night before he had to return to Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Bryson needed to get fucked up, but also find a willing girl. All this sexual tension built up inside had him yearning for Owen, and that couldn’t happen.
Bryson was literally skipping to the bus stop now, he had to remind himself that: one, he was in public. And two; he shouldn’t get too excited, things never turned out well when he got excited.
Bryson wasn’t that guy. That guy every girl wanted. That guy every other man wanted to be. That guy that went to a party and got to pick and choose who he wanted. Bryson was the cute, maybe even very cute, boy who looked younger than his real age. The boy who could make a joke every once in a while. The boy who could tell you anything you needed to know about a computer. The boy that girls would spend hours talking to and then end up going home with that guy.
But not tonight! Bryson thought confidently. He was going to get some tonight; he felt it in his loins.
“Yeah!” Bryson’s friend Adam yelled over the loud music.
This is why I avoid clubs. Bryson reminded himself. The flashing lights and blaring music was a lot to take in. Bryson looked over at Adam who was already nodding his head to the beat of a remixed version of ‘Can’t Stop Partying’.
It was a little too soon for Bryson. He tapped Adam and signaled towards the bar.
“Lead the way broseph!”
Bryson cautiously made his way through the crowd. He didn’t look back until he reached the bar. His eyes scanned the dimly lit club for Adam. Bryson gave up guessing he stopped to dance with a girl, as usual.
“Can I get a Heineken?” Bryson ordered.
The bartender held up four fingers as she reached down for the beer. This is why I avoid clubs, Bryson thought as he slapped a five on the counter.
“Thanks!” Bryson yelled as he took his drink and change.
Bryson stayed at the bar, but looked out onto the dance floor. He sipped his beer sparingly and tried to get into the music. He was half way done when a girl walked up to him. She appeared out of the crowd, her face damp with sweat.
“Hey cute stuff!” She screamed over the music.
Bryson smiled at the compliment. “Hey what’s up?”
“What the hell are you doing?” Bryson strained to hear her. All he could hear was, ‘What doing?’
“Just hangin’ out!” Bryson played it cool.
She gave him an outraged look. “Where are you from?”
“Not too far from here about—”
Bryson was cut off by her laughter, which he could hear clearly.
“I didn’t ask where you’re from!” She yelled into his ear. “I asked if you were dumb!” She moved her face so she could look at him again. She laughed at Bryson’s insulted look. “You’re at a club!” She yelled louder than ever. “You don’t just hang out!” She quickly grabbed his freehand and started for the crowd.
Bryson immediately pulled back. She turned to him with a confused look. Bryson shook his now empty bottle. He had to get a little looser before he could break out his moves. The girl understood fully and screamed for shots of Vodka. Bryson heard something about a tab and then the girl handed him a shot. A happy little grin plastered on her face. Bryson braced himself for the burn. He squeezed his eyes shut as he cocked his head back. He let out a couple of coughs as the liquid set his chest on fire.
“Another!” The girl yelled to him as she held out another shot glass filled with Vodka. Bryson downed that one too. And then the next. And the next. And the next. She held out another one. Bryson declined it, feeling like he was going to throw up.
“C’mon! Just one more! You gotta make it even!” She encouraged. “Here,” she grabbed another off the counter. “I’ll take this last one with you!”
Bryson belched and grabbed the shot. He took a deep breath.
He slammed the glass on the counter as the girl cheered. He needed a breather.
“How you feeling?” She leaned close to his ear.
“I think I’m dying,” he belched again. The girl laughed not really hearing what he said.
“Alright it’s time to dance!” She grabbed his hand before he could protest and dragged him into the crowd. Bryson was feeling real loose now. He stumbled after her not really caring who he bumped into. He hadn’t even noticed they stopped moving until he felt her dance up against him.
Bryson wasn’t a dancer, not in the least. The girl turned to face him and grabbed his hips and started moving them.
“Loosen up!” She screamed.
Oh I’m loose. Bryson took a small step back and put his arms up. He started bobbing his head, then his hips started going.
“Wooo!” The girl cheered him on. Bryson really got into it when they started playing a techno version of ‘Rock With You’.
Bryson’s moves were bad, but entertaining to the girl. The seriousness on his face was hilarious, and yet adorable.
She danced around him actually having a good time.
“Oh God!” The girl yelped as her back hit the wall roughly.
Bryson mumbled an apology then hungrily went back to kissing her. They were almost to his bedroom now. It was taking longer than necessary cause they both didn’t want to stop kissing. Bryson frantically tried getting his shirt off as they entered his room. He managed to get it over his head, and went for his pants next. In haste he forgot to remove his sneakers. His jeans caught around his ankles as he tried to keep up with his companion. She let out a laugh as he stumbled to the ground.
“Oh you silly boy,” she mocked.
Bryson desperately tried removing his shoes and pants at the same time. There was so much running through his head, he couldn’t think straight. He heard the springs of his bed as she sat down. Bryson’s eyes widened in excitement when he saw her shirt hit the ground next to him. He finally was able to get his shoes and pants off.
Bryson nearly pounced on her.
She giggled again. “Oh Bryson, you horny little boy.”
“I’m sorry I can’t help it,” Bryson panted before locking onto her full lips.
She pulled away after a minute and Bryson quickly shifted to her neck. “Hey,” she said in between breaths. “Maybe we should go into the tub, for old times sake,” she joked.
Bryson chuckled into the crook of her neck then looked at her. “Yeah and then maybe you can try knocking me out with your shoe again,” he paused. “You know? For old times sake.”
Arianna let out one of her loud laughs then kissed the small gash on the side of Bryson’s face. “I’ll make it up to you,” she said seductively.
Arianna unclipped her bra and threw it onto the floor.
Bryson McCarthy, for that one night, finally became that guy.

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