To IDF soldiers.

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To IDF soldiers! I created this poem thinking of your courage and strength.
May G-d protect you and your families from pain and suffering in this time of war!

Submitted: June 03, 2009

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Submitted: June 03, 2009



We didn’t want to be at war!
We never asked for this!
But it’s not human to ignore
When enemy has broken peace!

When bombs are raining at our homes
And our children scream at fear
When danger strikes, death so close
And our destruction near

How may years we have to wait
And be humiliated?
Our Home is sacred, Land is Great!
For eight long years we waited!

We gave our best to end this war
But enemy relentless
We standing now, we wait no more
To live with Jihad madness!

You stupid European crowd
How dare you mock our Army!
When green jihadi deadly flag
Will nock you – Don’t alarm me!

I’m dealing with the vicious force
For freedom and democracy!
You’ll be ashamed and feel remorse
How shallow your hypocrisy!

Hamas has no respect for life!
Human shields are being built
They worship death and using lie
They full of sins and guilt!

But our people pray in peace
Shalom Shalom, we say
We learning Torah, raising kids
To love, to learn and play

When Hitler started Holocaust
You silently stood by
Our nation suffered greatest lost
You didn’t hear our cry

You may protest and keep your act
And cursing us as well
But don’t forget, you will be fucked!
You also infidel!

O G-d! Please, please help your chosen nation
To win our straggle in this war!
We rise against Islamic fascism
We standing now, we wait no more!

24 April, 2009

© Copyright 2019 Bianka. All rights reserved.

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