Eternal Sunshine

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Again, another broken-hearted poetry that I hope some can relate to.

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



There's no end to this
It's like I've fallen into an abyss
I know what I feel shouldn't be true
Yet my tongue dances behind my lips for you
I'm really unsure of what to do
But I'll try expressing my heart to you

Why can't we press rewind?
And travel back to the times
When you and I were a couple
And you and I were so in love with each other

Memories hinder, they prevent me from moving on
What's the use of living, if the love of my life is gone?
Going back and forward of what we had
And of how it ended, it doesn't make sense
Just so in love with what we had
So sick of these words in past tense

What's the point of laying down to sleep?
You're in my dreams too, just haunting me.
I ask myself why do I keep doing this, there's another way out
But I don't really want to travel the path of that route.

So instead I'll keep on
In my mind the memories will live on
There they'll be in the corners of my mind
Living in eternal sunshine

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