Auction Addictions

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Auctions can be very tempting causing one to become a shopaholic

Submitted: January 29, 2015

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Submitted: January 29, 2015



I found myself absorbed in the online world of charity auction. I never felt so wild and without restrictions as I wanted so many things online. Some would take medicines or talk therapy sessions for gambling addictions and smoking.

  I have been one that has found it hard at times to curb addiction to what I thought was only a women addiction. Shopaholic addiction is a problem among us men as well. I have been working to curb sinful problems for sometime. Many preachers online and in person avoid the sin issue. They rather talk about Jesus and His wonderful works.

 Paul, one of the most popular converts of Jesus Christ had taught us sin will be something we struggle with daily. In his Letters to the Corinthians. Paul himself explained in general the sin problem we all struggle with.

  Cults like the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons have no understanding of the sin issue as they are taught sin doesn't exist. That Jesus was just a man. One group teaches Jesus was a angel.

  You are wondering where I am going with this. So the struggle I have with the auction addiction I continue to pray to God to strengthen me in bringing more self control in my entertainment moments. I am doing a lot better now than how I used to buy and buy wasting money. The auction is like ebay but is a well known charity that I often buy from.

  I have acted rash at times buying things I thought I could make more money on locally. I have made a friend or two locally at rummage stores that often buy things from me when I am low on cash. It is not a sin like many groups teach to have money. God has made us stewards. We have the ability to manage our own lives.

  I have learned to buy less and only what I can use or sell and make a dollar profit. I am doing my best to steer clear of being obsessed with auctions or buying things I don't really need.

  Thank God I am not a nut like those with religious zeal or those in the world that are obsessed with guns, power and positional temptations.

  Lord, thank you for making me and help me to be a better man in my stewardship and life.

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