Flyer Exposes Many Faulty Doctrines Invading or Degrading the home and church

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A one page guide hand out for readers to bring awareness of false beliefs in society

Submitted: January 07, 2015

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Submitted: January 07, 2015



Many unbiblical teachings of Denominations and non-denominations of professing Christian church groups [including many fundie groups]


1.  Jesuit endorsed “futurism” doctrine. “The Rapture of the church” has Catholic origins. Confuses and avoids the reality of God’s wrath on the lukewarm (Gala. 5:21) that use grace as a license to sin, as Paul warned to New Testament believers. [Romans 7:19]

2.  Love/hate for government. “Orwellian double-think approach-despises government corruption in some areas, applaud and worship government in other areas. Two-party election mindset. “Salvation” through  politics= humanism. Revelation 21:8 is a relevant verse, humanism ties (UN), government agent intimidation [501c3].  State and federal holiday  observances. Also read Hebrews 1:3-4, Heb 1:7-8, Revelation 2:20 , Mark 24:24 [Christ is the Only True Government].

3/4.  Allies with secret societies that relate to Constantine type Roman Empire legalism [nepotism/cronyism] Many church groups resemble fraternities not a house of God. Example verses that prove this: Psalm 37:27-28, Proverbs 29:26, Rev 21:27. Jesuit/ ecumenical infiltration. Example Occult groups: Jehovah Witnesses, Roscurians, Mormons,  along with mans laws on “sexism”, “class-ism”, sexuality preferences, 501c3 loyalty. Placing laws of men above God, worshipping the creature (satan) rather than complete trust in Christ. Read also from Psalm 7:11, Jude 16, Matthew 10:22, Gal. 2:4, Gal. 1:8.

5.  Materialistic, honor organizational structure, church banners , signs, contracts, land use,farming tobacco/weed, security cameras,titles, tithes, state ordination, etc. Proverbs 15:16

6.  Follow “traditions of men”. Jesus warned about  vain things [ Rom 7:5]. Christmas, Easter are not found in the Bible and were never proven as holy days to observe.  Read also from 2 Corinthians 4:4, Romans 7:21

7.  Papal worship schedule: Saturdays/Sundays.

8.Unbiblical membership rosters: since when did Jesus endorse a “church to attend:, or to “sign up commitments.” Read Revelation 21:22 and Acts 6:14-15. [Jews were required to attend weekly meetings, never Gentiles.] 

9.  Entertainment/singing, glory-driven memberships. Read  Matthew 6:1, James 3:12-18

10.  Pulpit masters/dictatorship: unbiblical offices: “women shepherd”, “Assistant Pastor” , “Music Minister” etc. A woman in leadership over large groups of men is feminist appeal and people pleasing.Men belittled in the home. Men frowned upon for being father figures. Lack of enthusiasm in the home for fellowship apart from the golden calf church cliques. No challenges to reform. Using the pulpit for politics of any kind to condemn or embarrass a devoted adherent of Christ  through gossip and slander was not a method of Jesus. Duo-roles, spying, elders, clergy treated "infallable". Also read 2 Corinthians 4:5,Rom. 14:23, Gal. 1:11 .

11.  Encourage socialist programs/clinics like college, psychiatric, etc. to correct behaviors rather than promote faith based programs or non-government intervention solutions to healthcare, learning , gay tolerance courses, etc. See Ecclesiastes 3:12

Revised 1/21/15


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