Good Works

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What we have learned as good works in society is very different from what God actually teaches

Submitted: February 23, 2015

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Submitted: February 23, 2015



  I have learned how false believers require "church" for salvation. Worship is another ingredient man mixes truth with error. If we are told how to sing and told how to dance, etc. we are not in a Bible Christian church. The Bible teaches spiritual hymns help souls wrecked by sin. Many in the church leadership go a step further to make emotional worship, followed by feel good speeches on how to love, live, etc. That doesn't qualify for a true church. It is characteristics for a healthy relationship with Christ. Mormons and Catholics can and do believe they too are Christians. They believe those traits make a real church too.

 Sadly , many women look for a handsome, charming, nice voice in a man. Believing every word he would say if he were up at the pulpit. Some enjoy the yelling and screaming by mental preachers that are very greedy and jerks. Rather they should listen for the voice of God. The Bible. John Chapter 1 is a good place to start.

  Satan's people do good works also. Good works alone don't make proof enough a person or church is Christian.




Give to a charity

Obey pastors,priests,government authority

Great Christian musician


Good job for you when you work out your problems with others than fight. That does not make you a Christian simply because you are a peaceful person or solve problems. Many preachers want to teach anything as truth. Even doctrine not found in the Bible has surfaced in the man-centered church system.  Making friends is good but is not the full gospel. The Gospel of Jesus is all about purity and self denial. Sharing the Good News about Christ to live in purity, to strive for freedom from entities that plaque our world. To live with out drugs, tobacco, alcohol for satisfaction and fun. To endorse Jesus Christ as Lord and Master and deny Satan and self is the full gospel.

 A cult by examples is the following...


-Teaches men are gods or can become a god

-Promote Witchcraft


-Repititious chants (music)

- Altered states of consciecousness ("music sets the mood")

- Meditation through: yoga, martial arts, etc,

- faith is in people, things


 When I think about the modern church atmosphere. I think of loud mouth goofs from TBN or CBN. Many of these folks are self absorbed into Christianity as a business venture. I don't believe these men and or women deserve a church or to represent Christianity. They are in it for themselves. Ministry has become a life of making money off people. Rarther than a mission to witness to a lost and dying world. Kirk Cameron is a good example of how far off a ministry will go to win souls and make money off Christianity. They should be sharing Christ freely as the Bible teaches.


"freely give, freely receive"


 The modern church does good to some. I disagree with a lot of the teachings. Especially, the worship as it caters all walks of life. It can be uplifting. It misses the mark and not Biblical as many think. This type of church is based on the charismatic, new age music. Guest speakers that are anyone off the street can share and visit the church regularly. The church is divided against itself . Cliques form. The preachers and their families aren't convincing enough to me they live all out for Christ.

 I think elders in these types of churches are too prideful, some wealthy to be in that position in my opinion. The messages preached in these churches are earthly, even the music and the days Sunday are not much different than any other church. I don't agree with a lot of what goes on in these types of churches as I don't believe God authorized them. Bitterness, envy, legalism, self-salvation are the ways man has been conducting religion for years. A religion open to all walks of life. Sensuality of music (yes, the contemporary music) and soothing speakers that are just anyone off the street can visit and say anything goes.

  It is sad how many have fallen into the lies of the modern church. Not all traditional churches are founded by God either. I used to attend church evry Sunday. Many of the members favor government and allow government to speak at their church. That way of church is man's attempt to be right in their own eyes. Jesus is the only way. read John 14:6 . The modern church is good at smothering people in "God is Love" themes. Be it Valentines Day, Easter, mailing off Christmas cards. I have noticed how liberal members are in these churches. How self seeking they are. The lack of true fellowship with real lovers of God they lack to be.






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