Idiot Sunday Speakers

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Actual statements edited used by local denominational,contemporary speakers

Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015



  Jesus warned of these type of Antichrists in these last days. He called it "lording."

  Now, you see how far the church elite has swindled the genuine gospel to a pathetic, soothsayers, corny, man-made unity agenda. Also known as the Ecumenical Movement.

  These kinds of folks never miss their fake protestant Sunday worship. In fact  they promote "Sunday worship" more than reading the Bible.



 "Your'e on the opposite side of the fence."



"Don't promote anything Christian. You make us look bad. Join the world."



"We need to tolerate one another"



"We go to church for God"



"Good for you to honor the Sabbath on Sunday, the Lord's Day"



"Don't be a naysayer"



"this is not a pity party"



"Government is not corrupt"



"Take all your Christian bumperstickers off. You're hurting our ministries by doing that"



  You thought the church was always on your side. Not! Read the Bible. Men will be hated by all even their own church communities. A lesson, I have learned in general, is that, there are those in the community that seem to be good with words on Sundays. Though poor in parent skills with their own children throughout the week. I have learned over the years, how both business and personal duties collide into one big mess of drama. Drama is what a lot of past experiences with the ruling class of citizens that have sold out to the government, or whatever vice they hide behind to play church. I won't have nothing to do with addiction to a church.

  It is not a half-hearted effort to leave a "church". Many things taught like favoring the rich across the southern states has been going on and brings revilary and spiritual decay. Many have learned to avoid the churches over the years for various reasons. Some stress we must attend if we are really saved. That is a half baked way of thinking. It is like suggesting I become a baker because everyone else in the family has done it before.

  Many churches are operated entirely without God's permission. Social cliques, family, friends, work associates. The church has become much like a fratenal order in the way it deals with the class of fellows attendning or visiting. The gathering has become much like a theatre. The Jehovah Witnesses pass the Mic around while they sit in their pews one family member bragging about why they are going to heaven as a brother or sister in another Jesus. They teach Jesus was michael the Archangel.The watchtower has no Savior. They don't believe in eternal hell. The Mormons teach Jesus is just a man learning to be a god. God the Father has a god above Him.

  Music is a big thing in the Contemporary church. God wants us to love people but that doesn't mean we have to support them orsome social gathering just because it fits into our schedule or just feels right. Not all contemporary churches are wrong. They teach some good things about Jesus and seem to be more willing to help others where denominations or rather large traditional churches only care for teaching religionese. So the contemporary church is more valuable for social causes whereas traditional churches just are too much into themselves and religion.

  Many churches teach their is no real relationship possible with Jesus Christ outside the church doors. Many of us have left with mixed reasons. I myself left to be closer to the Lord as Daniel was. I of course can never be like Daniel. God created each of us as unique beings. So many good things can be found in church for those who want it. I have nothing I want out of the church. I don't think everyone is evil as the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses teach. Jesus and the disciples did work alone and during those days on earth their was less evil in the world. People had customs they followed and love was not a Sunday only experience. Life was never dull with Christ there with them. The disciples did a lot on their own. fellowship is with two or three that believe and live for Christ daily.

  Some feel I have church all wrong or am wasting my time being a dummy. Very few have been in jail for not having a license by their city or state [BEAST] to preach. I hear now, that to have a license to preach you must be for gay rights. Yikes!

  I have had my faith tested by local authorities at times.The things I have experienced many would have turned away from reading the Bible. They would give up on Christ. Not me! I am not fooled by men and their ways. Trusting the Lord is more than just believing. Even the demons believe in Christ.

  If more people would read their Bible and trusted Christ personally would the world so ever change... true freedom would eliminate ...killers, same sex marriage laws, drunks, less government idols,, etc. Many local churches are funded primarily by wealthy families trying to make up for their miserable lives and gain social status, etc.

  The thing many attend has become a burden.Jesus preached the opposite. "My yoke is light" is what Jesus of the Bible taught. I have seen families that own local church, make it a favortism or showy feel good service as a public spectacle. Sure, kindess helps. Many try to win families to membership and positions within the church. What happened to God calling me to where I am at and what simple things I take on. Several years after Christ died for our sins.Constatine created his Catholic church persecuting individuals and groups that trusted Christ with their lives.

  Constatine was a king with little respect for anything Christ. The church was introduced with policies to attend. Love for the thing, the "church" has been confused with love for the people.Some reformers did what the Catholic Church did. They brought people into the thing to be saved and pardoned for their sins. Much like the Jews had to sacrafice lambs and goats to cleanse so to speak the many sins they had in the days before Jesus came to earth in the flesh.

For over nine years of my ministry. I have learned ,how resentful some in the church are towards those like myself that are not Sunday or weekly worship attendees. Like doing all that church stuff will somehow get me closer to Christ?  My experience with church was it made me someone who I was not. I had to put on a show as they do every week or Sunday. It works that way. The flesh wants to be stimulated and praised and excited. Some still promote tobacco and drugs or what have you outside the church doors.Using religion to win people over through tracts, flyers, etc., is what I have done and used to waste lots of money printing out things to share God rather than just pray everyday for the person or reading a verse to them or talking with them about God. A more bolder approach!

  I witnessed a preacher's kid wearing a red devil looking dragon shirt on Sunday morning at a contemporary church. The church system has tried to parent others over the years since the days of Constatine. There is little if no real discipline in preacher's kids anymore.

  The Bribery system= "Bribers"= a person , group , religious or secular that use giving or methods of getting, using others for their needs or cause, rather than sharing time with others by sharing Christ in love and decency.

  Giving is not bad but if it makes one group exhalted or infatuated with itself it degrades. [Example:]  A lesbian couple donates their inherited land to a church or college and the church or college accepts and gets on the front page of the local newspaper is bribery.

  Public sins the church ignores or won't harp on as "bad fruit" going on in the busy church today. By example is "MLK Day" or Martin Luther King Day. Yes, many of us were taught in the public or religious private schools to observe this day. From a outdated book by Martin Luther King "On Jews and their Lies" does he condone Jews as bigots and evil. The FBI have files on MLK as an abuser of women, and a communist. He seems no different than Adolf Hitler to me. The color of skin is what the AntiChrist uses against us humans to take our minds off of Christ and His Will and Laws.many people have been shut up over the years for speaking about people of color. i am not racist. I am not liberal either.  I wonder why the Native Americans don't have their own day? It comes down to self worship and idolatry is what the Bible calls "observer of times".

  I have more notes and underlined passages in my Bible than does Kenneth Copeland. I read his NKJV, a version that I don't like. I was expecting more notes in his Bible being a Televangelist for years.

  Many fake salvation methods exist in the church today as they did years ago.Sitting directly in front of the pulpit speaker [ Jesus warned of being gazed upon, read Matthew 6:1]. "come forward" is another lie. Kneeling in front of the pulpit or preacher may really be idolatry.

I believe in lordship salvation but on God's terms.Dancing, holding hands, loud singing is for the pastors enjoyment, God cares nothing about what we praise Him for. he has all He needs and wants. He only accepts what His Son Jesus the Christ has done for us as acceptable by our faith and trust in Him and in His Laws. Bowing head, kneeling on the pew as they do in the Catholic church is useless and doesn't bring us favor in God's eyes.

Many believe simple faith or the once saved always saved but read James 2. Local church plays Noah's Ark well nowadays. It doesn't work that way. Church is a human entertainment venue and has lost the battle since the days Jesus was here on earth. Please read John 37-47. Very few home and public good sound doctrine church groups exist today.


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