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She should've never done it, and now she has to pay for it...

Submitted: April 21, 2008

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Submitted: April 21, 2008



By: Kristyn D’Angiolillo
By the rain-soaked window I sat,
Watching the drops fall down with a splat.
And dreading his coming with fear,
Trying to hold back a pressing tear.
Finally he came with a loud bang,
And brought me from my thinking,
That maybe he just wouldn’t come.
Now my heart beats like the pound of a dream.
As his footsteps draw nearer and nearer,
My mind becomes clearer and clearer.
I know I won’t last through the day,
If he has anything to say.
As he entered the room, I stood,
Rigidly standing, stiff as wood.
No hello as a sign of greeting,
On the day of this grave meeting.
He gave me a cold, hard stare,
The anger in his eyes, bright as a flare.
No words did he speak to me,
And I knew, never again would I be free.
The thunder rolled outside,
And he was across the room in one long stride.
The tears poured freely from my eyes,
As I tried to stifle my piercing cries.
He held me up by my neck,
And I was out cold with one sharp deck.
From then I remember no more,
As I lay on the hardwood floor.
Forever more I will wish,
That I had never been so foolish.
For a few stolen hours of harmless fun,
My life was lost to the shot of a gun.

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