Deathly Mist

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Something i did for Creative Writing. Our teacher likes to give us pictures of people that we have to characterize, but this one was a place. A misty park with a dark figure walking through it. I used this piece in one of my stories, but i thought it sounded much better all by itself. It's kinda short, but i think it makes a statement...

Submitted: March 12, 2008

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Submitted: March 12, 2008



Mist billowed around her legs as they carried her through the silent park. Empty, lifeless trees rose on either side of the path, looming over her like ominous foreboding pillars of despair. She could feel the pain and suffering emanating from the ground as she drew closer and closer to the graveyard. Whispers twisted around her telling of distraught lives and gruesome deaths. Every step she took towards this eerie abode of the eternally restful made her want to turn and run. But every step dragged her further into darkness; nearer to the one she loved who lay cold and stiff six feet under the ground, by her own doing.

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