Every One Needs a Second Chance

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After eight depressing years, two former lovers get a second chance...

Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



Second Chances
“I wish you would just listen to me!” Ally screamed at the top of her lungs.
“I am listening to you!” Mark screamed back.
“Apparently not!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“If you haven’t figured that out by now, then I’m not going to tell you!” Ally picked up the first thing she could grab hold of and chucked it straight at Mark’s head. It made contact, and unfortunately the first thing she could find just happened to be a hair dryer from the top of the messily packed suitcase that was lying on their bed.
Mark watched her turn around, zip the case shut and slam the door on her way out. His pounding head didn’t even compare to the hurt he felt as she walked away from him for the third and probably the last time.
That was the last they ever saw of each other, until…
Eight Years Later
Mark tried to block the sounds of the police station out. He was finally free for the day.Free from what he used to love to do, but what now only bored and tired him. There used to be a purpose to what he did every day, but now he’d lost sight of it.
He lifted his gaze from the floor that he was concentrating on while walking and saw one of his fellow officers bringing in a woman in a dirty white shirt and holey jeans. Her hair was tangled and hung limply around her gaunt face. As he looked at her mangled appearance, he felt her gaze upon him and their eyes met.
In that instant, he knew, she was the one. The one that had destroyed the world he knew, that took the joy of life out of him. It was Ally.
“Hey!” he yelled after the officer and the woman.They both turned around. Officer Hamilton looked at him as if to say, What do you think you’re doing? But Ally didn’t even look in his direction. This was the first sign he got that pointed towards the fact that she recognized him. The second was that she smiled when he said, “Who’s she?”
“Just some girl I picked up off the street. Won’t tell me her name or what she was doing there but I found this so I had to bring her in.” He held up a Ziploc baggie filled with a white powder. Cocaine. So Ally had gotten into drugs, Mark thought. I guess her life after what happened makes mine look much better.
“Why don’t I take her off your hands?” he asked on impulse. What was he doing? He should just stay far away from this girl. Getting too close was what got him into trouble the first time. But still he felt sorry for her. She wasn’t the type to do something as foolish as drugs, but she was one to take drastic measures when she was upset.
“Have at it; she’s been nothing but trouble for me.” Officer Hamilton walked her over to Mark and let him take hold of Ally’s left elbow. He led her down one of the whitewashed hallways of the police station and into one of the interrogation rooms. He made sure the voice recorder in the room was off and locked the door behind him. Then he turned to face Ally, who was sitting in the chair on the opposite side of the steel table in the center of the room.
“So…how’ve you been?” Mark asked. She just laughed.
“Been better, you?” There was that famous smile of hers. The one where only the left corner of her mouth lifted up and you could see a little sliver of her teeth. It used to be prettier. Now her teeth were stained yellow, most likely from coffee and cigarettes. And it had somewhat of a menacing look to it instead of the warmness that it had given off before.
“Same I guess…” He had put himself in a very awkward situation and didn’t have any idea what to say.
“You look uncomfortable.” She said, voicing his thoughts. “It hasn’t been that long, has it? And you can’t even talk to me.”
She was only making the awkwardness more awkward, so he changed the subject. “How’d you get caught up in this crap?”
“I thought you of all people would know.”
“Me? How should I know? You haven’t talked to me in eight years! I tried to find you, but you disappeared. I never left. I was too afraid you’d come back and not be able to find me. I wanted us to be together, but you just wouldn’t listen!” He took a deep breath and looked at Ally expectantly. Her smile was gone and her eyes were angry.
“I didn’t listen? What about you? Whenever I tried to talk to you, you never understood me. And it’s because you never listened!!!” She shouted it just like the night she had left.
“So here we are again, with our wonderful communication skills!”
“So we are.” Ally drilled him with a hard stare. “What do you want from me, Mark?”
“Nothing from you,” he whispered softly. “Just you. Or at least you as you used to be.” He looked down at his hands.
“Mark, you know it won’t work. We tried it before and we always come to the same ending.” Her eyes had softened as did her voice.
“We can start over this time. Really get to know each other. We’ll take things slow. Please, Ally, I can’t lose you again.” He knew he was sounding desperate, but he just couldn’t handle seeing her again and then just letting her go. His heart couldn’t take it. Not again.
“I have problems. Problems you don’t need. Like the reason I’m here in the first place.” She really looked regretful for not being able to make it work. That was definitely a first. Usually she was just angry at him and showed no other emotions.
Mark thought about her current situation. If he really wanted to, he could get her out. All it took was some smooth talking to Officer Hamilton, and a transfer to another precinct just in case of a follow up investigation. He could pull it off, he was sure of it. But how deep into these drugs was she? Ally didn’t really look so hot. What if she was too caught up in them that she couldn’t get out? “I can get you out of this, no problem. The question is can you get yourself out of it? I can help you to a certain point, but the rest you have to do for yourself. I don’t mind helping you clean up your problems, but there are some things I can’t do for you. You have to want this.”
“I do want this. I’ve wanted it for a long time, but I’ve been pushing the desire from my head. It just hasn’t left my heart.” She paused for a moment and looked deep into his eyes. “I can do it, Mark. For you I can.”
“Then let’s do it. Let’s start over.”
“Hi, my name is Alyssa.” She held out her hand with that crooked smile of hers.
Mark laughed and took her hand. “Markus, but call me Mark.”
“Call me Ally.”
“Sure thing, Ally.”

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