No Escaping Dark Memories

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Can you ever really escape what's in you mind and memories?

Submitted: April 24, 2008

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Submitted: April 24, 2008



No Escaping Dark Memories

By: Kristyn D’Angiolillo

You yell at me

I yell at you

And that’s the way it goes

Since the day our lives were thrown together

That’s the way it rolls

You can’t take any more of me

I can’t take anymore of you

We go round and round this vicious cycle

Not knowing what to do

It gets worse and worse

As time goes on

Becoming more and more violent

We scream and scream

And cry and cry until we can’t stand it

Then one day

The stormy clouds part

And the bright sunshine flows through

An escape route for us is presented

And eagerly we jump to

Now we never speak, we never see

No more will we meet in good company

But still you linger there

In my mind

Never escaping my memory

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