Who I Am

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Does anyone really know who they are?

Submitted: May 09, 2008

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Submitted: May 09, 2008



Who I Am
By:Kristyn D’Angiolillo
Who am I?
Am I the person I see?
The person I want to be?
What do I know about me?
My favorite color is green.
I love mac n cheese.
But those things are trivial
I can name them with ease
The tough part is inside
The person that’s hard see
The one who hides herself
To no one else but me
I am a writer
True to the words of my heart
Putting them on paper
Is the easiest place to start
Inside I am a lover
And never will I fight
For fighting is destructive
And in it, we lose sight
Inside I am a free spirit
Wanting to fly away
From all the struggle in my life
When the edges begin to fray
Its what’s inside of all of us
That really counts the most
Not what the mirror tells us
Or what we like to boast

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