Short Distance Goodbye

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Everything that I write I tend to like to involve some portion of me, the world around me and reality into it,this writing is based on relationships and the downside of them

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



I will always place by bet and let it ride on if it don't add up then it won't survive,a short distance goodbye without a cry,sweet dreams beginning , nightmarish ending,no loving?no hugging?not a kiss,nor a touch,I don't deserve to feel so much,or do I?a confliction with clarity,or is it clear and I just don't want to see? like I said before I will place my bet and let it ride , if it don't add up you will not survive,if there is no love,there is no essence , holding on to memories of what once was, aspirations running deep with what I desire things to be,should I follow the rules when you adjust the rules to suit you?is the real pursuit of happiness to pursue only what pursues you?do I even count?because the math just not adding up,or was I even a part of your calculation to begin with? a short distance goodbye neither you nor I should cry,because truthfully what was really never was you and I.

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