From Far Away

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This poem is about waiting for the one you love. I was listening to Nightwish when I wrote this, so it's heavily influenced by their song "Over The Hills And Far Away" (obviously).

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



From over the hills and far away,

I pray you will return one day.

In the Autumnal evening chill,

I stand waiting for you.

For five long years,

I've counted the days.

Countless nights, the rain has

Caressed my face.

Washing away the tears of eternal sorrow.

Alone, in my castle,

Surrounded by walls of solitude.

I watch the land die before my eyes.

Darkness creeps across the land again.


A lone candle burns in my window,

To show you the way back home.

One winter's night, I peered out over the land.

A raven flew to my 'sill.

Never again, were you coming back,

This I knew; no reunion of lost hearts.

It cost you dear,

Chasing childhood dreams.

Over the hills and far away,

I pray we will meet again one day.

Where another realm meets the sky,

My peace shall be found.

Upon this crimson alter,

I sacrifice the life I once had.

As sure as the rivers meet the sea,

Back in my arms I swear you'll be.

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