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I have decided to write this. I has having some bad times in life so I wrote down what was all going through my head, and it helped me a lot to read over what I wrote. I hope it helps you too.

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010




What do we even live for? Why do you choose what we do? What happens after it all? Why even wonder? Why me? Why you? Why them? Why does this always happen? Why does this happen to me? Why not someone else? Where else can it go? Where else can I go? Why does this have to happen? Why not? Where are all my friends? Where and I? What ever happen to the perfect person parents always wanted? Why do you have to fail classes? Why have school? Why can’t we just be our self’s? What can we be?
Why can’t everything just go as planed? We never get the chance to have anything our way in life. We always have to do what other people tell us. We always are controlled. We just never live our lives. It’s just so hard for you to be you. People always ask why I have to…… People always seem to be the same. Why can’t we just go on? What ever happened with me? What ever happened with you? We just can’t find out why.
We never get to leave our self’s. Do this do that everything commands. Well it’s time to forget them, and just do what you feel that should happen in your life. It’s your life not someone else’s. Why let them control what you do? It’s not about what other people want it’s what you want. People can’t just make you do things they want. Your always going go off on that you want not what they want.
When down you should get back up. Don’t just sit there and try and wait for things to go back the way they were. It will never be the same. You just need to go on with life and not let anyone knock you down again. If you let your self down you’ll just keep falling till you have nothing left. People will always try to put you down, and make you feel like there is nothing left. Just remember you always have yourself and me. It doesn’t madder how you get back up just as long as you do. Why do you just sit, and let people do this to you? You have a say in what you do. SO DO IT!
If you let down on life it will let down on you. Your just gonna have to live with your life and how you keep it. Yes people are going to try to knock you off your path, but it always will happen. You just need to learn how to keep them from succeeding. If you let them do it you’ll just go back to being down.
So Promise your self this. That you will never let anyone ever knock you off your path, your way of life, your way of yourself. You owe it to yourself at least that much. If you don’t try your never gonna win. Just remember what your goals are in life.
Life is not over till it is time. Why do you have to go out, and end it on your own? It’s not intended for you to end it. It will end on its own. It doesn’t need your help nor anyone else’s. Why destroy the fun in life? Yes you may have bad times, but it will never last forever. You don’t need to be on your own.
You’re not on your own. You never will be. You will always have at least one person to talk to. It doesn’t madder if it’s a bother, sister, mom, dad, girl friend/boy friend, best friend, even someone you hate. You will always have them. If you even have to talk to someone trust me you would be glad you did. It will help you through your hard times. As along as they listen you know you’re wanted. It doesn’t madder if your shy just go up to someone, and ask them if they can talk for a sec. I am sure someone that cares will say yes every time!
I don’t care if you hate me or if you love me. You will not let me down if you try. You also need to now that no madder what you make in your classes if you are in school. Just if you try to get stuff done. You won’t fail on something if you’re trying at it. People always say I’m failing most of my classes. By this time they just give up on their self’s and drop out. NO! Just because your failing some classes doesn’t mean you should drop out! I don’t see why people even think that. All you have to do is try, and you’ll get back up there. Just remember what would happen if you did drop out. You won’t have to go to school. Hmm… That’s about all. If you finish school you’ll have a better job, you’ll be better in life, and it’s something to be proud of. IT shows that you CAN. That you can finish what you have started. Don’t just sit there and let your life slip away! You can do better then that!
Not everything ONLY happens to you. You’re not the only one in life that goes through hard times. Many people do. The only thing you can do about things that happen to you is just wait them out. You will have to just keep yourself from falling down into depression, and let’s hope not suicide. You always here of people killing their self’s, but they do it because they feel like they have nothing left in life to live for, and that no one loves them. Only thing about that is that they do have things to live for, and they do have people that love them very much! You don’t need to go off, and think people won’t miss you. Think about what your family would feel if you did. Think of your friends. Think of what could be.
Why can’t life just move on in the right way?

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I hope this helps you out like it did me.

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