Stuck on Repeat (Alternate Ending)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
Military technician Sarah Donais goes on a mission with a squad of elite soldiers to steal a dangerous neurotoxin from a corrupt corporation

Submitted: January 04, 2015

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Submitted: January 04, 2015





I jerk awake suddenly, pulled from my dream by whoever was shouting my name. Right now I’m in the back of a military cargo plane, sitting on a long bench next to four elite soldiers in the relative darkness. The room is dark, but there’s still enough light to make out the two men on either side of me.


“Good, you’re awake,” The man next to me comments. “We’ll be over the drop zone in two minutes,”


Then I hear Nick clear his throat beside me. “Alright guys, lets go over the plan one last time.” He comments, standing up from the bench. Checking his gun one last time, he puts it back in his chest holster. “The four of us will parachute down to the rooftop of Ace Chemicals. JP and Knuckles will bust in through the rooftop staircase and provide a distraction while Tuck and I escort the technician through the building to the safe. We will rappel down the side of the building and enter the 410th floor. Once she’s cracked the safe, we’ll rappel down to ground zero and exfil by armored truck. Any questions?”


Everyone shakes their heads no. “Good. Remember, our success rests on the technician getting what’s in that safe. Protect her at all costs – if she dies, the mission fails,”


“Roger that, boss,” Tuck comments, looking at me. I can feel the pressure – the entire mission rests on my shoulders. I’m supposed to steal a container filled with a powerful neurotoxin, replacing it with a harmless substitute. The vault it’s being kept in is a high-tech, state-of-the-art machine that would take hours for a normal person to crack, but I’ve been studying this vault for the past month, and I’ve managed to find a weakness. It still won’t be easy, but we’re out of time. We need to get that toxin before they sell it.


Just then a red light over my head turns on. It’s almost go time. I have a low-caliber pistol in a small black hip holster, but if everything goes according to plan I won’t have to use it. I didn’t want to be armed at all, but my commanding officer had demanded I take on in case the mission went south.


I get up from the bench, strapping a parachute to my back as the other soldiers do the same. As JP helps me tighten one of the straps, I watch as the plane’s back end opens up. We’re flying through clouds, but I can tell it’s dark outside.  The sun has already set behind the mountains to the far East, the only light sources being the city lights over 2 miles below us.


Then the light turns green, giving us all a green glow. Nick turns to me and grins. “You ready for this?”


“Ready as I’ll ever be!” I reply, mustering up as much enthusiasm for the mission as I can. I may be completely terrified, but I have to power through it for all of the people living in that city. Without us, they’re already dead.  Nick turns and runs for the wide opening, diving out into the night, followed by Tuck and JP. “Ladies first!” Knuckles comments with a comical bow.


Jogging towards the edge, I jump into the cold night air, tumbling head over heels through the clouds. It takes me just a few seconds to get my body under control, spreading my arms and legs apart to slow my descent.


As we get closer, I can start to make out the tall building we’re infiltrating. Ace Chemicals has one of the tallest skyscrapers in Los Angeles - it towers over the rest of the city.


Six hundred feet up from the ground, I pull my parachute, slowly gliding towards the rooftop. Nick hits the ground first, turning to watch us all land. Once we’re all on the rooftop, I unpack my rappelling gear from my backpack, hooking one end of the rope onto the metal barrier that surrounds the rooftop and throwing the rest over.  Tuck and Nick do the same with theirs roughly 4 metres on either side of me before climbing over the railing. Knuckles and JP are waiting next to a small doorway that leads to the building’s staircase.


When the three of us are situated on the edge of the building, Nick turns to the rest of his crew. “Alright guys, give ‘em hell,” He comments. Knuckles and JP nod, kicking in the door and walking down the stairs.


I slowly descend down the side of the building, flanked on either side by the two soldiers. It’s not long before we can start to hear gunshots coming from somewhere above us. “We should hurry,” Tuck comments, “Knuckles and JP are good, but even they will only be able to hold out for so long against the security guards,”


30 seconds later, we come to a stop roughly halfway down the building. “This should be the floor with the Nick comments, peering through the clear floor-to-ceiling windows that make up the entire outer wall of the building. Inside, two men are sitting at a table talking. Pulling their silenced submachine guns from their belts, Nick and Tuck both lean back on the ropes, holding the gun’s red-dot sight up to their eyes. They take the two targets out in sync, both firing a single shot through the glass.


Then Nick exchanges his gun for a glass cutter. Using the device, he cuts a perfect circle window, large enough for us to easily climb through. Tuck goes first, covering us as Nick and I climb into the building. The gunfire above us has died out, leaving us in eerie silence. “We’re in,” Nick says, notifying our distraction team through his Bluetooth headset. The five of us are linked, so I can hear JP’s response.


“Roger that, we’re still – CONTACT LEFT!!”  He shouts out, interrupting himself. I can hear the gunfire starting up again, echoing through the building.


“We’re Oscar Mike,” Nick comments into his headset as the three of us leave the room.  Nick and Tuck go first, with me watching our backs. If our Intel was right, the safe shouldn’t be too far from where we entered the building.


As we turn the corner, we run into three surprised guards. Nick and Tuck quickly dispatch them, dragging their bodies into a nearby empty room in an attempt at keeping this mission covert for as long as possible.  Making our way through the building, we only come across two other guards – Knuckles’ and JP’s distraction is definitely working.


The safe room is basically empty, just a small table in the center with a chair on either side. The safe itself is huge, taking up the entire wall it’s embedded in.  “Get to work on the safe,” Nick comments, kneeling behind the table. “Tuck and I will cover you,”


Taking off my backpack, I kneel before the giant platinum safe. As I pull my safe-cracking gear from my bag, I can hear the gunfire stop and start above us. I only hope they can keep it up long enough for me to crack the safe…


I start trying to crack the safe, moving as fast as humanly possible. Nick and Tuck are still stationed behind the table, using it as cover should someone stumble upon us. I can hear random outbursts of chatter as JP and Knuckles shout frantic commands at each other. “We’re being overrun!” Knuckles shouts suddenly over the headset. “I don’t know how much longer we can hold out here!”


“Get out of there!” Nick shouts, “Both of you!”


“We’ll try to buy you a bit more time, but you don’t have much time before security gets down there!” Knuckles says, “Just get that nerve gas!”


Nick curses, looking over at me. “How much longer?”


“I’m almost done,” I reply. “5 minutes at the most!” I’m moving as fast as I can without making mistakes, but deep down I can tell it’s not going to be fast enough.


Suddenly I can hear a muffled explosion from above us, my Bluetooth headset giving away to static as the sound of gunfire dies out. “Knuckles? JP?” Tuck calls out their names over the radio, but no one responds. They’re both dead…


“Sarah you’d better be done, cause we’re about to have a private army invading this room!” Tuck exclaims.


“Almost….Done!” Finally I unlock the safe, swinging it open. Inside is a briefcase, presumably with the chemicals inside.


“Good, let’s get the hell out of here!” Tuck cautiously steps into the hallway, looking both ways before turning back to us. “Hallway clear-” a bullet slams into the side of Tuck’s head, killing him instantly. As his body falls to the ground, Nick preps a flashbang.


He tosses it into the hallway, covering his eyes as it explodes with a loud bang, blinding the hostile guards. Then he steps into the hallway, mowing them down. “Go!” Nick shouts back at me. “I’ll cover your ass, just get that briefcase out of here!”


Picking up the briefcase, I run from the room, before sprinting down the hallway. I race through the building, making my way back to the window we came in through. I can hear multiple heavy footsteps closing in behind me, the guards chasing me down the hallways. I can feel the adrenaline running through my veins as the first bullets start to whiz past my head, willing my legs to move faster.


Sprinting down the last hallway, I can see the closed door less than 20 metres ahead of me. A man runs around the corner at the opposite end of the hallway, holding an MP5 submachine gun. He slides to a stop, raising the gun up to his eye but someone shoots from behind me. “Keep going!” Nick shouts from behind, “Down the rope!”


I run across the room towards the hole in the glass window, carefully reaching through it and re-attaching the rope to my belt. Looking back, I can see Nick hiding beside the door, waiting to ambush the guards. “They’ve taken the nerve toxin!” Someone shouts, running into the room. Nick grabs the man’s arm as he aims towards me, ripping the gun from his grasp and shooting him with it. As he runs towards me, I climb out the window, grabbing onto the rope as Nick does the same.


As we descend down, I can hear gunshots from above me mixed with the sound of shattering glass. I close my eyes as the glass shards rain over my head, shaking them from my hair and face. Well this could have gone better, I think as I descend the side of the building. But we’re not safe yet – as of now the two of us are dangling on a thin rope hundreds of feet above the ground…


Looking up, I can see a man leaning out through the broken window two hundred feet above me, trying to cut the rope. Nick plants his feet on the side of the building, shooting up at the guard. He loses his grip, falling down towards us.


“Descend as fast as you can,” Nick says, turning towards me. “I’ll meet you at the bottom,” Then he presses a button on his belt before suddenly shooting down the rope. I do the same, very quickly sliding towards the ground.


As the wind whistles past my ears, I can hear Nick start talking through the headset. “Get that exfil ready, we’re coming in hot!” He shouts.


As we reach the ground, I detach from the rope, looking around for the armored

trucks. There are two black pickup-trucks sitting in front of the building, their engines idling. The two of us run towards the trucks just as more guards burst from the front door of the building brandishing submachine guns.


They fire at us, bullets whizzing past my head as I sprint towards the truck. Nick and I dive in the back of the first truck, not bothering with the doors. “Go go go!!” Nick shouts, hitting the top of the truck’s cab. I almost fall out as the truck suddenly accelerates, grabbing onto the lip of the bed as we drive onto the main road.


As the building fades into the distance, I finally relax, leaning up against the back of the cab. Nick grins at me. “Beats desk work, doesn’t it?” He asks


“That was insane,” I comment, shaking my head


“But awesome,” He adds


I don’t answer, opening the briefcase we just took. Rather than a vial of liquid or gas, the only thing inside the silver briefcase is a small folded piece of paper. I pull it out, slowly unfolding it. “What’s this?”


The paper has only two words written on it - “You pass.”


“What does that mean?” I ask, turning to Nick as the pickup truck pulls into an empty lot on the side of the highway. He laughs and points to the only other vehicle out here - a dark Navy coloured SUV.


The two doors facing our truck open, Tuck and JP climbing out and walking towards us. I watch stunned as Knuckles runs around the side of the SUV, joining the other two. “This operation was just a test, Sarah,” Nick says, putting a hand on my shoulder. “And you passed with flying colours,”


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