In The Attic (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2 of my short story (Novella) "In The Attic".

Submitted: April 18, 2011

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Submitted: April 18, 2011




It was his room, but somehow it wasn’t. It looked a lot like his room, but much bigger and brighter, especially without any lights on. He guessed that maybe it was a full moon outside, but did the moon get full in your dreams? That’s what this had to be right? Because he knew your room didn’t just appear to be something else, unless he was in another dimension, such as the Twilight Zone. But he knew this about as much as he knew there were no such things as real “Monsters”. But he decided to just lean on it being a dream. He looked around the room and noticed more changes. Instead of only being one window in his tiny room, his dream room had three windows in it. And instead of the ugly cream colored blind that’s he has on his window, these windows had big beautiful drapes that was not tied at the sides of the windows, but all three of them were blowing untied in a breezethat wasn’t there. Outside the windows was a balcony that looked like it didn’t just stop at the end of the first and third window, but went on for quite a distance.“Jay”, he heard somebody say softly. At first he thought that it was the monster, but then he remembered that he never heard the monster talk and he actually didn’t think it could. He surely never wanted to hear the monster talk, that he did know. “Jay”, the voice said again, and this time he knew that voice. He heard that voice so many times. It was the voice of his real hero, his Grandmother.He tried to look towards where the voice was coming from, but couldn’t. The voice seem to be coming from everywhere in the room. “Is that you Grammy?” Jay asked hesitantly. Nothing. Suddenly, he looked at the windows, and just through the middle window, he seen somebody standing there, coming towards him very slowly. A moment later the apparition was through the window, and he noticed that it was a woman. She didn’t open the window, but seemed to go right through it. The woman was beautiful, and certainly wasn’t who he thought the voice belonged to. “Who are you?” Jay-Jay asked the strange woman, who still was coming toward him. He sat up on his bed. He also noticed that she wasn’t walking, because her feet were not touching the ground. She seemed to be floating, and the tips of her toes was just barely off the floor. She seemed to be glowing, and he guesses that’s what was lighting up the room. “Jay-Jay, you know who I am. It’s your Grammy. You need to listen to me carefully, Jay. I believe you, and that monster you see if very real. He wants to hurt you, but nobody will be able to stop him but your mother. Your mother has the two things that can kill the monster. Remember these two words Jay-Jay.Alprazolam and blood. You mother is the only one that can stop this beast, remember that.” Jay knew he wouldn’t remember. This was, after all, a dream. “I’ll try, Grammy, butI don’t think I can. I can’t ever pronounce that one word.” “Alprazolam and blood.” Grammy said again. “He was created by blood, so he must die by blood, and the Alprazolam will kill him.” Jay knew that he would never remember this when he woke up, and got frustrated with himself. Tears started to stream down his cheeks. “Don’t worry, the monster can’t get you in here, see.” Grammy said and pointed to where his closet, which was the same as it always was. He leaned forward to look and the folding closet doors were open, and he could barely see the monsters door in there, but what he could see was right below the doorknob, there was a huge pad lock, the biggest one he has ever seen. He looked to his beautiful, now young looking, grandmother and smiled to her. “I miss you so much Grammy! You really do look beautiful.” Grammy looked at he relieved grandson and said, “Thank you sweetie. I’m always with you, even though you can’t see me, okay. Remember that. And remember what I told you. I love you Jason” Surprisingly the tears stopped on Jay’s face, and he smiled at his Grandmother. “I love you too, Grammy. I’ll try to remember” Then she was gone. Jay slept well for the rest of the night.

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