Charlie Bogota

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Charlie Bogota is Colombia's number one socialite? Do you like him?

A cool latino guy, he comes from lands afar

he's the world's most popular party guest, he's Charlie Bogota.

With his charm and deceptive promises everyone loves him so,

He's the purest of the pure, he IS the driven snow.

From northern South America, the place from which he hails,

he jets and sails to partys, via his employers scales.

When he arrives theres wild rejoice, he's the king to all the guys,

and his popularity with the ladies comes as no surprise.

Everyone wants to talk with him, there is no hiding that,

when you're in Charlie's company you can't help but chat!

He is fantastic company, he brings you closer to your friends

but there always seems one downside to each party he attends.

You see Charlie's company don't come cheap, you'll have to pay his fee.

If you don't part with your hard earned cash you'll never taste his glee.

Some are glad to share their time with Charlie, some want him for their own,

Some need Charlie around so much that they never let him go home.

Now theres a darker side to Charlie boy, a bit like Mack the Knife.

To much time by Charlie's side can take decades off your life.

He doesnt care how you paid his fee or when and where you did,

Wether you used this months rent or stolen money from your kid.

Like his spanish speaking bosses Charlie's really just a crook,

never pondering the woe he's caused, or any of the lives he's took.

But ever available for functions, he's always there on time

It only takes a phone call to get Charlie on the line.

So now you know of Charlie, would like him for a friend?

To the death he'd always be there, in fact he'd bring you to your end!

So when you lose your children, your wife, your house, your car

Just remember all the fun you had with Charlie Bogota.

Submitted: May 29, 2011

© Copyright 2022 bigderekkeene. All rights reserved.

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