Chemical Love

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A description of Ecstasy on Scottish Friday night

Submitted: May 22, 2011

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Submitted: May 22, 2011



Friday night, the weekend has landed

thanks to these wee speckled thrills I've been handed.

Ten powdery white diamonds in a wee plastic bag,

Ecstatic to just hold them, lets run up the party flag!

Tunes pumping hard, what more could be wanted?

The nights now begun, I've just double dunted.

Two little love doves, fly down to my belly

where they peck at a knot that turns into jelly.

The jelly is poured into a butteryfly mould,

this beautiful creature my stomach must hold.

From its mould it breaks and its wings are now flapping,

all due to chemical reaction thats happening.

With a heavy house beat the wings keep perfect time,

and cause a tsunami to rush through my spine.

It bursts through my body and swallows my brain,

that indescribable feeling of a new spiritual plain.

I feel like an angel, like party perfection

but look like a zombie with poor jaw connection.

The night rattles on with tunes so amazing,

no words to describe the trail that I'm blazing.

Sounds thumping hard, but I come down even harder,

as soon as I realise no biscuits left in the larder.

Thats the last I remember as I wake on the couch,

Theres no real sorrow in forgetting the gouch.

With the exception of lockjaw, I'm feeling alright

Think I'll make a wee phone call so more doves can take flight!

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