Lone wolf

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Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



We were like the moon and the sky always together from dawn to dusk, literally. Through threatening fierce weather we stood together firm and were never shaken up. Even our parents tried to come between us but we held together stronger like glue to paper.

My mom would say, "alison my child you can't date someone outside church it's against church principles and besides he's too old for you." "But mom I love him. He completes me. He understands me. He is my heart desire."

Well maybe not anymore. As the saying goes death gives no warning, so did our love. It died a sudden death. It was september 11,2014 the date i'll never forget like 9/11 when I broke up with mike. It was my fault, damn my cruel attitude. Look at me now i'm like the lone wolf and he like the full moon; full of love, laughter, light and warmth.

I should have tried to save us but hey I was full of myself I just let the poor guy disappear in the dark with his head to ground and his hands on his pocket trousers. He walked away and walked away until I could see no more of him.

At that point I should have said hey mike i'm sorry I know I had not given you time in the past few months you have a right to be mad. I am sorry love.

I did not do that and now i'm a lone wolf wandering the horizons with no directions.

If I knew that that day was the last time I see him,well, I'd have kissed him passionately, held around his slender waist and lean on his warm chest until I fell asleep peaceful to the melodies sounds of his heart.

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