Mbali's story

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Part one of Mbali's story

Submitted: January 08, 2016

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Submitted: January 08, 2016



Part one

"YES, MAMA I MADE IT," screams Mbali when she sees her name in the newspaper for the first time.

Mbali was doing Grade 12 at Zeph Dlomo SP; she's always been dreaming to study Biochemistry at Dut since in Grade 10.

"Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae," she fondly sings to her bedroom. She throws herself to bed excited, and starts to send whatapp messages to her school friends.

However, her excitement halts when she realizes that she won't be able to attend tertiary soon due to financial problems.

"I have to get a job if I do savings now surely next semester i'll be able to attend." She tells herself in the mirror.

On the following day, as she makes her way to Bridgecity mall to hunt for a job. A red BMW packs beside her. It Mandla, a 40 year old man, he works at FNB in Bridgecity.

Mandla is famously known by the whole of kwamashu as babymaker. In spite of his marriage, the name remains.

Mandla:"Aybo zityt iresult... what with the long face come I offer you a lift."

Mbali:"Yebo bhuti I passed with two distinction," she explains as she climbs to his car.

Mandla:"So why you grumpy?where you going so early."

Mbali:"i'm heading to bridgecity to look for a job."

Mandla:"but i've been telling you I can assist you in anything since you lost your parents." He smiles a wide smile that gives Mbali awkward butterflies in her belly.

For three months Mbali continues to search for a job, and often gets lifts from Mandla. He gives her money and food parcels because of this she abandons the idea of finding a job.

Suddenly, she develops feeling for Mandla.

Holy crap, i'm falling for bhuti Mandla the way he looks at me it's so charming, thinks mbali. But he is too old for you;besides he is a married man for Christ's sake, her subconscious snaps at her.

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