My Soul To Take.

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my parents sold my sold to the devil and im tryna get my life back and will not do what he wants me too

Submitted: December 08, 2012

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When i was born my parents used to tell me that they sold my soul to the devil. I didnt know that later on in life that they were telling the truth. So now here's my story.

when i was born, i was premature and was in deep truoble with life. I had to have help to breathe, my lungs was clapsed and my life just looked dark from the start. So my

parents was outside talking and wasnt aware that sum people were round them. A man dressed in all black approached them and told them that they can cure there son

only if he could have their souls and the soul of their son in return. The couple thought about it at first decided to take up the offer of the mysterious man dressed in all

black. Now before i do this i must tell you the rules and you will have the chance to decide to go with it or not. He told them that he will begin to feel special things on his

13th birthday and when he turns 16 he will be able to use all his powers and when he turns 18 i will come back to take him so he can learn from the best. They both looked

at each other for a minute and decided to go along with it.

Now years have past and the family is doing great. I was only 10 years old at the time but i could really feel strange things happening to me and like i was special

and more important then others. But everynight, i would have the same nightmares over and over again. My parents would come and check on me but i would have 

already fallen back to sleep. i was more agressive then ever before and also more angry, i didnt understand any of it until my 12th birthday when my parents set me down

and started to expalin everything to me. Now i understand why i was having these dreams and why i was angry all the time as well as aggressive. i told my parents that

they shouldnt done that and that i would never go to the darkside. i will fight for my life and i will never give up. As my 13th birthday was approaching i was really feeling

power and other things coming for me.


Now its my 13th birthday and for the first time in my life, i saw the man the gave me life after my orginal ife was almost over before it even got started. he came to me

in my dreams and told me that he had so much palnned for me, that i was going to do things that no one would ever imagine. I was terrified and told him that i will never

kill or harm another human, he looked at me and said with a loud thunderous voice"boy you will do as your told or you will suffer the consequences." About six months later my 

parents died and left me in this world by myself. That mysterious man appeared again and told me that he was the cause of their death and he wasnt finished with me yet.

I told him that i still will not turn and never will.


Now im 18 yeals old and im looking forward to serving mycountry and that the devil himself will be a non-factor or at least i thought. I have been training my powers for

the past 5 years and i think im ready to take on anything. The devil sent 2 of his weekest demons to bring me back to earth and to see how much i have trained. To hs 

surprisethe demons didnt stand a chance. So he called up 2 more that were more powerful to bring me to him and they to had fell. So now he's a little furious and called

2 of his best demons, and with no prevail, they too was taken down. 

Now Lucifer, came up from hell to see me and we went to war. But sad to say that in the end. He did just what he said he would do. He killed me and took me back to

hell, i dint give up and kept up trouble down there, but it was too many for me and so the number game got me and and in the end it turned me.


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