Happily Ever After: Chapters 1&2

Happily Ever After: Chapters 1&2 Happily Ever After: Chapters 1&2

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



He is an actor, she works behind the scenes.
He is an athlete, she is a journalist.
He is a class clown, she is shy.
He was born in January, and she was born in September.
He is popular; she has a few close friends.
They are BOTH Juniors in high school.
They BOTH have classes together.
And most importantly,
They BOTH can’t stand each other…
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He is an actor, she works behind the scenes.
He is an athlete, she is a journalist.
He is a class clown, she is shy.
He was born in January, and she was born in September.
He is popular; she has a few close friends.
They are BOTH Juniors in high school.
They BOTH have classes together.
And most importantly,
They BOTH can’t stand each other…

Chapter1 (v.1) - Happily Ever After: Chapters 1&2

Author Chapter Note

He is an actor, she works behind the scenes.
He is an athlete, she is a journalist.
He is a class clown, she is shy.
He was born in January, and she was born in September.
He is popular; she has a few close friends.
They are BOTH Juniors in high school.
They BOTH have classes together.
And most importantly,
They BOTH can’t stand each other…

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 06, 2013



Chapter 1

Dear Stressed,

Make a calendar or a to do schedule. Mark it with your assignments, activities, games, ECT. Try to complete your work early, and if the teachers allow, hand it in early so you don’t lose it. This will allow you to have extra time on your hands to enjoy your friends and family.

Love, Abbey O’Niel

Mackenzie Stewart sat back in her chair. She scrolled up and down the word document briefly re-reading her work. She was satisfied. Mackenzie hit save, and print. She walked over to the printer and picked up the paper. Back at her computer, she saw that she had over 100 unread questions to answer still. Mackenzie sighed and exed out of the screen. She shut down her computer, and grabbed her belongings. She opened her phone, and saw it was 1:45. Ten minutes to the bell. Mackenzie went up to Mr. Jordan’s desk and handed him her article, which she had signed. Mr. Jordan looked at Mackenzie and nodded. She acknowledged this, and left the room, shutting the door behind her. Mackenzie ran to her locker. She threw a water bottle, a sweatshirt, keys and books into her backpack. She slammed her locker shut and looked at her phone once more. Five minutes have passed from the prior time she had checked her phone. Mackenzie put it back in her pocket and ran to the theater. As she opened the theater door, the bell chimed, and school was out. Mackenzie quickly ran into the girls’ dressing room, and put on her painting clothes. She started to paint the set in which she had began painting the day before. Just then, the door slammed shut, Mackenzie looked up and waved.

“Hey, girl,” this person continued, “How on earth do you get here early every single day? No wonder you are Mrs. Williams’s favorite.”

“Hey, Stace,” Mackenzie paused from her painting, “I have journalism last period with Mr. Jordan. He lets me leave fifteen minutes prior to the bell, as long as I had him in a completed advice article.”

“Oh, right, your advice column how is that going?” questioned Mackenzie’s best friend of twelve years, Stacey Taylor. Stacey and Mackenzie have been best friends since they were five years old. They are now both juniors in high school, and still super close best friends.

“It’s good, after I answered my one email today; I still had 100 unanswered questions in my inbox. I’m really glad I’m doing journalism this year. Mr. Jordan is such a good teacher. I’m really learning a lot from him,” Mackenzie looked at Stacey,” how was your Physics test? That was today, wasn’t it?”

“Don’t even get me started on how absolutely terrible  that test was,” Stacey stood up, “I’m so glad I got 100 on my Algebra 2 test, so I can tell my mom the bad news first, then tell her I did that much better on my Algebra. You were so smart to take Physics last year.”

“Yeah, it was great. I got straight A’s and one B+ on my midterm. Mr. Scott was a great teacher,” Mackenzie continued, “I went to him every Tuesday for review at lunch time.”

“Again, you are SO lucky you don’t have Doc. Masterson. He is terrible,” Stacey was now very mad, “He sometimes doesn’t even post the notes online or the homework, how do when know when anything is due, EVER?”

“Pay attention in class?” Mackenzie teased her friend, “But seriously, if you need help at any time in Physics I’ll be happy to help you.”

“Thank you so much,” Stacey grabbed her bag, “I’m going to go get dressed to paint, and I’ll be back in a jiff.”

Mackenzie nodded her head and continued painting. She is so glad she has a friend like Stacey. Though they didn’t have many classes together, any more, they still did many of the same extracurricular activities, like stage crew, and working on the newspaper. Mackenzie was a sports journalist and did the advice column. Stacey was the photographer for her sports articles. Stacey was now changed, and painting her sets. Mackenzie checked her phone, it was 2:10.

“Hello, all,” Mackenzie and Stacey stood up; “I’m glad my stage crew can be prompt and show up on time. The only reason I am late is that I was in a meeting with the Principal. Unless it is an excused tardiness, there is no reason why no one else is here.” By now the woman was up on stage. It was Mrs. Williams, the director of the play.

“Hi, Mrs. Williams,” the girls said in unison.

“Hello, Mackenzie, Stacey,” Mrs. Williams walked up onto the stage, “I’m glad to see that at least two members of my crew know the meaning of “On time.” I have 30 cast members and two of thirty are here.”

“I hear speech,” Stacey murmured.

“Yes, of course. Let me know when the 28 others get here,” Mrs. Williams sauntered to the girl’s dressing room. As the door shut, another opened. In walked the 28 other members of the “Hairspray,” cast. In front was Lexi Clayton, to her right and left were her wanna bees. Behind her was, Mason Bailey, Mackenzie’s step – brother. He was hand in hand with his girl friend, Alex.

“Kenz, I only counted 29 of the 30 kids, including us,” Stacey paused to check her work, “Whose missing?”

“I got 29 too, I see Mason, ugg,” Mackenzie looked up, “Your cousin isn’t here.”

“Gosh damn it, my freaking cousin. He would not show up to play practice on time. I bet you he is ‘stuck at soccer,’ AGAIN,” Stacey and Mackenzie stood up, and made their way to seats in the theater. They sat in the back, to listen to Mrs. Williams

The kids took their seats and looked ready to listen, “Children, yes I am calling you children. 28 of you can’t show up on time. Damn it. What is so difficult about being prompt? I think you all need to listen to this. Remember when you committed to this production? You agreed to be here at 2:00 every single day on time. Only two of you have successfully done this,” she paused. Mackenzie slid back into her seat. She did not want Mrs. Williams to single her out. She knew that Stacey didn’t mind, she always loved being the center of attention, “How come only 29 of you are here right now. Where is Parker? It’s already 2: 30!”

The door opened, and a boy ran in, “Mrs. Williams,” he said as he ran, “Coach wouldn’t let me leave. He wouldn’t let me because we have a big, big, big important game on Fri…”

Mrs. Williams cut him off, “Mr. Stevens, so nice of you to join us. As you know you made a commitment to us, as well as the soccer. I talked to your coach and he told me he would let you go to practice for play every Monday, and Thursday, unless you have a game the next day. And today, is a Monday. There is not a game tomorrow, is there, Mr. Stevens?”

“No,” Parker looked around the room. He saw Lexi’s hand go up. He went to sit down next to her. He then smiled once again.

“Now that all 30 of us are here, I expect all those present today to be here tomorrow, unless circumstances have been discussed,” she looked at Parker, “Everyone back to where we were yesterday. Dancers get ready, perform their scenes and painters, and get back to the painting. Everyone got it? Break!” The students instantly rose. Mackenzie continued painting with Stacey.

“I can’t believe he showed up late, again,” Stacey sighed, “I guess he just likes to be the center of attention.” Just then, Mason Bailey, Mackenzie’s step –brother walked by with his girl friend, Alex.

“Hey, Mason,” Mackenzie said.

Mason bent down, “What did I tell you about talking to me during school.”

“You said not to, but technically it is not during school, it’s after school.”

“There is no difference, we are still in the school building,” Mason argued.

“Whatever,” Mackenzie looked up, “Am I taking you home?”

“No, Parker’s taking me home,” Mason got up and walked away.

“What a step – brother he is. God, he is so nice to you,” Stacey said teasingly, “But seriously, He and my cousin, all they want is to be the center of attention, always.”

Mackenzie laughed, “I guess so. You know, I can’t wait to finish painting. I just want to get out of here already!” Mackenzie and Stacey worked through another hour. They finally finished their work. It was 3:30. Mackenzie stood up, and stepped back. She tripped over a can of green paint, and got it all over her. Thankfully, her set was not harmed.

“Parker! WATCH!!!” Stacey hollered, but it was too late. Parker tripped over Mackenzie who was covered in green paint. It was a mess. Mackenzie stood up, looked around, and ran away.

“It’s ok,” Parker called out, but it was too late, Mackenzie and Stacey were already gone.

Lexi came up next to Parker, “It’s not your fault, honey, she was in your way.”

Back in the dressing room, Mackenzie was washing the green paint out of her sweatshirt, and sweat pants. Thankfully, it missed her uggs.

“Knock, knock,” Mrs. Williams said as she opened the door to the girl’s dressing room, “Is everything alright in here?”

“Yes, I just tripped and fell. It’s no biggie, really, it happens often,” Mackenzie explained.

“Yeah,” Stacey took the floor, “Would it be ok if we left early today, let’s say when Mackenzie is done cleaning off her clothes? Because we both have loads of homework to do, and we finished our set, plus we got here on time.”

“I suppose so,” Mrs. Williams attention was back on Mackenzie, “Mackenzie, who tripped over you before, I didn’t see who it was.”

“It was Parker,” Mackenzie replied.

“Oh, really. Did he say anything, or help you get up?” Mrs. Williams inquired.

“Yes, he said don’t worry about it,” Mackenzie said quietly.

“Ok. Good. Excellent. Mackenzie and Stacey, you girls don’t need to come in tomorrow. I’ll be working on the dancing and singing numbers, and the geek crew will be here working with the lights and sound, so my set builders and painters have the day off.”

“Great!” Mackenzie exclaimed as she gathered her belongings. Mackenzie and Stacey walked out to Mackenzie’s car.

“How could you let that jerk I have as a cousin get away with not saying anything to you,” Stacey opened the car door, “How could you lie for him?”

“Stace, I didn’t lie, I really heard him say it’s ok when I was running away,” Mackenzie started the car.

“As long as you are telling the truth,” Stacey turned on the radio.

“Though the truth may be ugly,” Mackenzie paused, “It’s always prettier than a lie.”

“Who said that?” asked Stacey.

“Me!” exclaimed Mackenzie, “I came up with it today in British Lit. Mr. Smith was havening us analyze quotes from Hamlet, which were advice, my area of expertise. We had to analyze eight, and come up with five original ones. However, I only came up with one really good original one.”

“It’s really wise,” Stacey opened the car door, “Thanks for the lift. Same time tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, same time,” Mackenzie waved goodbye to her friend as she drove out of her driveway. In five short minutes, Mackenzie was home, well not home, but what was now considered to be her home. Mackenzie and her mother moved in to Mason Bailey’s father’s home this July. The two were officially wed this past August. Mackenzie walked into the house. She put her car keys in the bin. She hugged her mom hello, and waved to Mr. Bailey. Mackenzie walked up stairs to her bedroom. She got out of her messy clothes. Washed them, and then showered herself. Mackenzie then put her pajamas on, and did her homework. Someone then knocked at her door.

“Come in,” said Mackenzie.

“Hey, Kenz, whats up new step – sis?” asked Mason.

“One: I’ve technically been your step sister three months, Two: What do you want?” Mackenzie asked.

“Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi to my new sister, that’s all,” Mason walked into Mackenzie’s room.

Mackenzie stood up, “Mase, I have a few ground rules to share with you.”

“Shoot,” Mason said as he sat on her bed.

“Number one: Don’t talk to me at home, number two: don’t come into my room, number 3: don’t touch my stuff. Got it?” Mackenzie said as she folded her arms across her chest.

“Got it,” Mason got up and left the room, “Kenze?”

“You are talking to me at home, violating rule number one,” Mackenzie said from her seat.

“I’m sorry for how I talked to you today at play practice; I was busy with Alex and…” Mackenzie stood up.

“Bull crap,” Mackenzie shut the door in Masons face. Disgusted with her step – Brother Mackenzie sat down and continued to answer emails for Journalism. By the time she was finished it was eleven. Mackenzie shut the shades in her room, set her alarm clock, and went to bed.



Chapter 2

Mackenzie was awoken on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by the alarming duck sound from her iPod. Friday morning, the alarm clock did not go off.

“Mackenzie, wake up,” her mother said as she walked into her room, “You are going to be late to school!” Mackenzie opened her eyes and looked at her clock.

“Stupid alarm clock,” she said to herself as she got dressed. Mackenzie quickly threw on skinny jeans, a tee shirt with a sweater and her ugg boots. She went downstairs. Her mom had already made her hot chocolate to go. She was out of the house in ten minutes.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Mackenzie said as Stacey hurried into her car, “My stupid alarm clock didn’t wake me up.”

“It’s no big deal, we get to school at least a half hour early every day anyways, ten minutes later won’t kill us,” Stacey said as she buckled in her seatbelt. The girls turned up the radio and drove off to school. Seven minutes later they were in a spot, and walking into school. Mackenzie stopped at her locker.

“Are you Mackenzie Stewart?”  questioned a scared freshman.

“Yeah,” Mackenzie shut her locker, “Why?”

“Here,” the frightened girl handed Mackenzie a folded up piece of paper and ran away as quickly as possible. Mackenzie opened the note.

“Mackenzie, stop by my classroom as soon as possible, Mr. Jordan,” Mackenzie folded it up and put it in her bag.

“Kenzie,” called Stacey, “Let’s go to Psych.”

“Coming,” Mackenzie followed close behind. As they walked into the classroom, the bell rang.


“Knock, knock,” Mackenzie said as she walked into Mr. Jordan’s class room, “You said you wanted to see me?”

“Yes, I need you and Stacey to cover the home soccer game today. Is that going to be any conflict with anything?” questioned Mr. Jordan.

“No, I was actually planning on going to the game with the crew from the play,” Mackenzie sat down in a seat, “We were all going to watch Parker. Mrs. Williams would not stop, this whole week, busting his chops about the game on Friday. We want to see if he’s any good.”

“If he’s any good?!” exclaimed Mr. Jordan, “Mackenzie, dear, Parker Stevens has been the best darn soccer captain this team as seen in years. Good thing he’s only a junior. Hopefully, some of his skills will rub off onto the younger players.”

“I haven’t seen a school soccer game ever,” Mackenzie took out a notebook and her “Abbey O’Niel” pen she uses for journalism, “What do you want us to learn for this article?”

“Well,” Mr. Jordan said as he stood up, “I’d like you to interview coach, Parker and his starting team. Then interview players on the bench. Ask them what they think of Parker as a captain. Find out what their favorite part about being on this team is.”

“Considerate it done,” Mackenzie said as she closed her notebook, and put her pen in her bag, “Anything else?”

“Nope, see you Monday, Mackenzie,” Mr. Jordan nodded, “Good luck.”


It was two o’clock. The Sea Side Eagles Boys Varsity Soccer team was getting ready for their big game verse West Valley High. The boys were gathering in the cafeteria. Mackenzie and Stacey walked in.  Immediately they saw coach, and walked over to him. 

“Hi, I’m Stacey, and this is my friend Mackenzie,” Stacey said as she pointed towards Mackenzie, “You must be Coach Rick?”

“This is he, in the flesh,” Coach Rick replied.

“We are here to interview you and your boys for the news paper, and take a few pictures,” Stacey paused, “Is that alright with you?”

“Of course,” Coach Rick said, “Why don’t you interview me first, then I’ll call the boys one by one over?”

Mackenzie spoke up, “We only need to interview you, two starting players, two bench players, and Parker.”

“Ok. Let’s start!” exclaimed Coach Rick. One by one Mackenzie and Stacey interviewed coach, two starting players and two bench players. They asked them what their name was, what grade they were in, why they liked soccer and being on this team, what position the played, if they thought they were going to win, what makes Coach Rick such a good coach, and what they thought of Parker as a captain. Mackenzie wrote all the notes in her notebook with her special journalism pen, and Stacey snapped pictures of each of the groups of boys, and one of them each with coach. Then, it came time to interview Parker.

“Parker,” called Coach Rick.

“Yeah, Coach?”

“These bright young ladies are here to interview you for the school news paper. Make us proud,” Coach Rick said. He smiled for a picture with Parker, and then went to help the other boys get ready for the big game.

Mackenzie opened her notebook, “What is your favorite part about being team captain?”

“Well,” Parker sat down, “I like to be a leader. Leadership is in my blood. My mother is a teacher and my father is the CEO of Steven’s Inc. They have always taught me to stand up for others, and be a leader to them. Inspire others to do well. Being the captain of this soccer team allows me to do just that with the sport that I love.”

Mackenzie finished writing his answer down, “What position do you play?”

“Wait, you are really asking me what position I play?” he was amused.


“How do you not know that I am goalie? I’ve been a starting goalie since freshman year.”

“I guess it was never relevant to me, that’s all,” Mackenzie wrote down his answer, “Do you like Coach Rick? What makes him such a good coach?”

“A lot of things,” Parker continued, “He’s intelligent, consoling, supportive, athletic, helpful; he has the best soccer strategies I know. Also, he is always there for any of us, whenever we need him, and that is what I think makes him more of a coach than any other coach I have ever had.”

“One final question,” Mackenzie paused as she was finishing writing down his last answer, “Who do you think you will win today?”

Parker looked up with an alarmed look on his face. He was dumbfounded that she would ask him, the team captain, a question for which the answer was so obvious, “Us, obviously.” With that he got up, and walked away.  He gathered his boys together and headed for the boys locker room.

 “What are we going to do today?” Parker chanted.


“Who are we going to beat today?” he continued.


“Why are we going to beat them?”


“Eagles on three,” everyone put their hands together, “One, two, three, Eagles!” The boys ran out of the locker room, onto the soccer field, ready to play.


Mackenzie and Stacey walked out to the soccer field. There they saw the rest of the cast and crew of “Hairspray,” sitting to watch the game. Mackenzie pulled Stacey aside, “Stace we can’t sit over there.”

“Why not?” questioned Stacey.

“Because Mason is over there,” Mackenzie glanced over, “I’m not allowed to talk to him on ‘school grounds.’ There’s an empty seat on this bench, let’s sit here.” Mackenzie and Stacey sat down to watch the game. The crowd started to get more and more crowded.

“Guess who!” exclaimed a voice from behind the girls.

Stacey recognized the voice right away, “Jacob! Where on earth have you been?” she said as she gave her boyfriend a kiss.

“Hi, Mackenzie,” he said as he waved to her, “I was stuck in Orlando Airport. They didn’t have a co-pilot for our flight. I would have texted you to tell you but my phone was dead and my charger was in my suitcase.”

“It’s ok, baby,” she gave him another hug and motioned for him to sit down in between her and Mackenzie, “I’m just glad you are safe.”

“So,” Jacob turned towards Mackenzie, “I’m surprised to see you here at the soccer game. Isn’t this your first school sporting event?”

“Not really,” Mackenzie replied, “I have been to two basketball games prior to this soccer game.”

“Oh right, it was for the newspaper, or yearbook, wasn’t it?” questioned Jacob.

“Yeah,” Mackenzie faced Jacob, “You know Jake, and the three of us have been friends since we were five. We have each lived in Sea Side, New Jersey for our entire lives. I would hope that you would know that Stacey and I work on the newspaper, and not the yearbook. Well, I don’t work on yearbook, just Stacey.”

“True that,” Jacob replied. Just then, both the teams joined together in the middle of the soccer field for the coin toss. No one could hear what the referee was saying over the noisy crowd. The three saw the coin flipped in the air. Parker and his buds celebrated.

“I guess that means they won the toss?” Stacey said.

“I guess so,” Jacob answered. The rest of the game went by so quickly. The Eagle’s ran laps around the other team. They kept scoring goals, and making great defensive plays. Soon, it was halftime. Lexi Clayton and the cheerleaders were now out on the field.  They did there little dance routine, and quickly went back to the side lines.

“Well that was a disaster,” Mackenzie mumbled to herself.

“Couldn’t agree more, Kenz,” Jacob replied not noticing that he was not supposed to hear it, “So, Stacey, you know that the Masquerade dance is coming up in a few weeks, right?”


“I was wondering if you would accompany me to the dance?” questioned Jacob.

“Of course I will,” Stacey gave Jacob Hoffman a kiss. Jacob, Stacey and Mackenzie have all been together for twelve years. Stacey and Jacob had been together for one. Jacob is a basketball player, a honor roll student, and a boy scout.

Stacey leaned over to see Mackenzie, “You are coming to the dance too, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. It’s so far away, and I don’t have a date.”

“Come on, Kenz, you know it won’t be fun without you, right, Jake?” Stacey said.

“Of course Kenzie has to be there. Everyone in the entire school will be there,” Jake continued, “You have to go.”

“Maybe. I’ll think about it, I swear,” Mackenzie promised. Just then, whistles blew, the game was now over. The Eagle’s have won. The score was 5 – 0, a shoot out as the soccer stars would have called it. Mackenzie, Stacey and Jacob gathered there belongings, and made their way to the parking lot to leave.


“Hi, Mom!” Mackenzie said as she walked into house.

“Hi, darling. How was the soccer game?”

“Good. I got my notes for my article. Stacey is going to email the pictures to Mr. Jordan tonight,” Mackenzie took a sip out of a glass of water, “They won, and Jacob is back now.”

“Finally, how was his trip to Florida?” questioned Mackenzie’s mom.

“Good, he was stuck in the airport for ten hours because they didn’t have a co-pilot assigned to his flight. How dumb is that?”

“Stupid people, absolutely stupid,” Mackenzie’s mom looked at her daughter, “Are you going to the Masquerade dance?”

“Not sure yet, why?” questioned Mackenzie.

“The school just called, they said to check the website for updates on the dance,” her mom informed her.

“Thanks, mom,” Mackenzie turned away to go upstairs.

“Kenzie, honey, did Mason say when he was going to be home so I know when to make dinner?” her mom asked anxiously.

“No,” Mackenzie continued walking, “No he did not. “


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