The Scavanger Hunt

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Just a small box can have so many different meanings. What could it mean for high schooler, Shannon Walters when it is mysteriously given to her by a close guy friend and his instruction is not to open until she is home?

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013



She touched the little box in her hand and smiled. She didn’t know what was in it, nor did she know why he gave it to her, but she didn’t care. Her smile illuminated though out the hallways of Lakeview High. Shannon opened her locker, and placed the little box inside. Her mind was flooding with ideas of what could be in it.

“Shan, it’s time to get to class,” said her friend Christian, “What’s in the box?”

“What?” Shannon wasn’t listening, “Oh, right, the box. I don’t know. Ryan told me not to open it until I get home from school.”

“Why did Ryan give you a box?” asked Christian, “And why are you listening to him?”

“Because I’m just that good of a person,” Shannon replied as she shut her locker, “Let’s get to class, the bell rang such a long time ago. I don’t want Mr. Smith yelling at me, AGAIN.”

“Alright, alright, chill,” Christian shut his locker, “Let’s go.”


“Good morning, class,” Mr. Smith said as he opened his computer. The bell sounded, and all the students returned to their seats, “Shannon, Christian, so nice of you to join us.”

“Sorry, Mr. Smith,” the two said in unison. When Shannon sat down, she felt her phone vibrate. She looked around the room. Christian was glaring at her with his phone out on his desk. Shannon met his glance. Christian was looking at Shannon then pointing to his phone. She assumed he wanted her to check her phone.  Shannon opened the phone and looked at the message.

Christian: Why didn’t you open the box, seriously?

Shannon: I TOLD YOU. Ryan told me not to open it until after school. He said it was a surprise

Christian: Why are you listening to him, you never do!

Shannon: I do so.

Christian: Okay…Tell me when

Just then Christian felt someone tapping on his shoulder. “Mr. Stewart, what is so important that you haven’t been paying attention this entire class period.”

“Uh…..” Christian froze. To his luck, the bell sounded, and class was over.  Christian picked up his books and began to walk out of the class room.

“Mr. Stewart, do you have a minute?” called Mr. Smith.

“Yeah,” Christian reluctantly over to his teacher’s desk, “What’s up?”

“You know what’s up. If I see you with that phone on your desk ever again, I am writing you up, and I mean it. Am I clear?” Mr. Smith yelled.

“Yes sir,” Christian said. With that he once again picked up his books and left the classroom. He went to his locker, then to the cafeteria. Christian took his seat next to his friend of three years, Ryan Miller. Ryan was a lacrosse player and into musical theater, just as Christian was.

Christian opened his lunch bag, “I cannot stand Mr. Smith, and he is such an ass. Damnit, mother you didn’t pack me any money. Shit.”

“Dude, what’s up your ass?” asked Ryan.

“I was texting Shannon during class, and Mr. Smith busted me. He said if he saw me again he’d write me up. My mother would kill me, just like I’m going to kill her for not packing me money!”

“Okay, breathe,” Ryan sipped his water, “A: You were texting Shannon? B: I can spot you the money; there is no need to kill anyone. C: You were texting Shannon?”

“A and C: Yes I was. Dude she will listen to anything you tell her to do. She hasn’t touched that box. It’s sitting in her locker. I tried to get her to open it at least twenty times this morning. She wouldn’t do it,” Christian took the money from Ryan’s hand, “And thanks.”

“No problem. I know. When she opens it she is going to be shocked…”

“When who opens what?” Shannon asked innocently as she joined her cronies at the lunch table.

“Yeah, why do you two look like you just saw a ghost?” inquired Jamie Clark, Shannon’s best friend since the first day of high school. The two are inseparable.

“Oh... it’s nothing,” Ryan quickly changed the subject, “So, how was physics?”

“BORING,” Shannon opened her wallet, “Who cares about it anyway? Jamie, you ready to go buy lunch?” Jamie nodded and got up with Shannon to go in line to buy lunch.

“What do you think could be in that box that Ryan gave you?” Jamie has been just as reluctant to stop talking about the box as Christian had been, “Maybe it’s money. You know, he works two jobs and is LOADED!”

“Jamie, pause and think,” Shannon was calm, “Why the hell would he give me money? That’s just stupid!”

“Well, maybe a present…” Jamie drifted off into her imagination. Shannon shook her head and looked back at Ryan who was sitting all alone at their lunch table. She smiled and before she knew it, he caught her staring at him. She quickly went back to talking to Jamie to avoid the elephant in the room.

“I’ll Skype you later, Shan!” Jamie called to Shannon as she climbed into her car to leave school.

“Okay, I’ll talk to ya!” Shannon hollered back. Shannon started her car and had the box sitting next to her. She quickly drove home and was in her driveway within five minutes. Shannon gathered her belongings from her car, and clutched the little box in her hand. She ran inside and right upstairs to her bedroom. She opened the box, and to her surprise it was a little note. It read:

Are you ready to take this on?

No is the only response that is wrong.

Check your mailbox at 6 o’clock,

Inside you’ll find a rock,

It will tell you where to go,

The rest is something you have yet to know.

Eager smiles graced Shannon from ear to ear. She did not quite understand what this poem meant, or how to interpret it. But she knew that this is something that Ryan wanted her to do, so she was going to do it, no matter what. At approximately six, Shannon went to her mailbox and found a stone instead of a rock with an arrow on it pointing to her friend Jamie’s car.

“Jamie, you’re in on this too?” Shannon was eager.

“Maybe…” Jamie was avoiding eye contact, “Can you read to me what it says on this notebook for me, please?” Jamie cautiously handed Shannon a notebook labeled, Chemistry. Shannon stared at Jamie and opened it.

“They say opposites attract, but they are pretty whack. You and I get along, even though I am always wrong. Have Jamie drive you to a place. The one where I see your face. Monday through Friday every day,” Shannon sat in Jamie’s car, “Take me to school.”

“Yes mam’.” Jamie put the keys in her ignition and the engine started.  The rest of the car ride there was awkward silence as Jamie would not spill any beans as to what Ryan had planned. Once parked in the school, Shannon saw something that she had not seen when she left today. The sing in front of the school had been changed.

“Meet me by the dock, there all the fish like to flock. Look down and see the roses left, they are to be kept, by a girl as sweet as you, and here is some chocolate for you too,” Shannon looked around confused. She saw Jamie standing underneath the sign with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, “Oh my…” Jamie smiled in delight that her friend was dumbfounded at this unexpected mass of romance sprung upon her. Jamie helped Shannon walk back to her car, and buckled here speechless friend in. She shut the door and ran to the driver’s seat.

Suddenly the car stopped, and Shannon got out. She was at a dock, and all she could see were candles lighting the way to a table set for two with a pizza box on it. Shannon slowly walked to the table and sat down. Peering from the restaurant next to her was Ryan. He was wearing a shirt and tie, with nice dress slacks. He had his guitar on him and was strumming the beginning to Shannon’s favorite song, “Cover Girl.”  Ryan then began to sing. When he finished he walked over to Shannon, who was in tears.

“Please don’t cry because then you are going to make me cry,” Ryan was next to Shannon helping her get up, “Shannon Walters may I ask you something?”

All she could do was nod her head.

“I’ve known you for four years. You have always brightened up my day, and just your present’s makes anywhere you are more enjoyable. Your bubbly personality and your ever beautiful smile have lead me to this moment. Shannon, I have two questions for you, if you choose to accept them.”

She nodded again, squeezing his hand harder than she had been before.

“Shannon Walters will you give me the honor of escorting you to prom? Also, will you do me the great pleasure of being my girlfriend?”

Shannon’s heart was racing a mile a minute. Her eyes were locked with his, seeing the honesty in his words and feeling it in his touch. Shannon then moved in as if she were going to kiss him, then she slowly retreated, as if she was nervous.

“Yes,” was all that Shannon then mumbled.

Ryan then leaned in slowly, and whispered in her ear, “Aren’t you glad you followed my instructions? I love you.”

“Yes, I love you too.” Shannon was stunned with the very words that she spoke, but she had no control over them. She was on cloud nine – in heaven. The captain of the swim team was right here and she was in his arms. She had never felt so safe, so secure. Then, without warning, Ryan leaned in and kissed her. To her surprise, she immediately kissed him back. Their lips moved together into a perfectly unceasing rhythm. This was the beginning of the rest of their forever.  

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