ghosts of the silver lake Chapter2

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Chapter 2

Bill was waiting outside the door for Tyra “hurry up girl it is a three day trip and I want to make good headway”. Tyra came out she was wearing a traveling cloak and carrying a small pack! Soon they were on their way, traveling up the dusty road meeting many people who wished them luck after each greeting. They soon came to a deep forest and made camp for the night.

Bill said “This is the beginning of the Eastern Quarters.” “This area is populated by Spirits and Ghosts, but they leave you pretty much alone so we should be fine make your bed and try to get some sleep.” “Have your dagger next to you just in case.”

They slept soundly through the night. The next morning they ate there breakfast and continued on their journey. They soon came to a bright happy part of the forest with colorful flowers all over the place. The flowers seemed to move and dance as well as laugh.

“Are they alive?” Asked Tyra staring at the dancing flowers in the air.

“They are indeed.” “We have just come into fairy land.” All the flowers in the air are the Fairy’s .They have been waiting to greet you!

The flowers opened and and came closer Then Tyra noticed little happy faces in colorful dresses and cloths. They all let out a marry “welcome”! In sweet high voices Tyras smiled “thank you all she said but how did you know I was coming” ?

A Little old Fairy in bright Robes said “we Fairies know about things before they happen in is part of what we are made of”!

I see said Tyra “So do you think I am the one”?

“We know you are dear girl, but it is up to you to chose a path.” But remember a thing not done with your whole heart is not any good for anyone” !

Tyra did not understand these words but just nodded and smiled the Fairies asked them to spend the night but Bill said they had to go on to reach the Elvin lands by tomorrow so saying goodbye to the always happy flower fairies they continued into the forest!

They traveled on through the day when night came Bill said “we are on the outskirts of elf and Mer kingdom.” “Tomorrow we will go to the entrance and if we are allowed in it will be because one of us is special” .”Be polite to the Elfish Queen and King and treat your teachers with respect”.Then the Mermaids and men you may treat them like any friends. All but the King and Queen although I doubt you will see them they hardly ever come to land.” Well get some sleep now tomorrow is a big day! The next morning they awoke ate breakfast and went on. Then they heard a noise .The moment they turned and Tyra saw a sight she would never forget. A white horse with absolutely no blemish with large blue eyes was staring at them. Next to her was a baby identical to the mother the thing was that they both had long horns coming out of there forehead!

“A Unicorn” said Bill “we must be close” “Unicorns only stay were elves live”! The mother nickered and turned the little baby followed the Unicorn stopped a moment looked back nickered again then went forward a few steps “I think she wants us to follow her” said Bill taking a step forward Tyra followed. The Unicorn led them down to a line of trees then stopped and trotted away.

Then before her eyes something appeared at the trees. it was a man in a white robe with long back lengthened silver hair. He was tall and slim with blue age old eyes he looked like an accent tree, he spread out his hands and said “welcome”, “we have been waiting a long time for you Tyra enter and enjoy.”

Bill nodded to her and said “go I am no longer needed,” “you will receive all the instruction you need from the elves go and may luck go with you.” And Bill turned and walked away. Tyra sighed looked back then with a determined looked walked up to the trees and went through them and was taken into a magical forest! It was a breathtaking sight. All around her were tall trees growing in such a way a wide path was left to walk on then at the End was a waterfall which bubbled into a large pool where singing and laughter could be heard and at the end of the line of trees was a large majestic oak which looked hollowed out. Walking toward her was a beautiful woman she looked no older than 30. She had long black hair to her feet ,a sharply angled face, eyes of dark green, and eye brows angled like a cats. Tall, graceful ,and slim with red lips and pale skin. She wore a green moss colored dress with a white cape and on her head a small band of intertwined gold !Next to her was a man just as beautiful. With long black hair to his middle, sharply angled face and eyes of blue, with sharply angled eyebrows, perfect mouth ,and nose and tall and slim with a band of intertwined Gold on his head. He wore a white robe with a gold belt. They both were barefoot and both had pointed ears !

Behind them came a troupe of old wise sages. All long silver haired white robed men whose only sign of age showed in the eyes! They came up to Tyra who bowed with respect. “Welcome Tyra”, said the queen in a musical voice “I am Arya queen of Elves”. “And I am Orumus King of elves.” Said the King in the same musical voice as she did

“It is a pleasure your Majesty,” “this is indeed a beautiful magical place and I am happy to be hear and am ready to learn all that I can”.

“That is good and tonight to celebrate your arrival we are to have a feast”. In the meantime you must be weary from your journey, Ela show her where she may rest and recuperate”. A little elf girl about her own age with blond hair and blue eyes and a mite taller than herself dressed in a acorn colored dress came up to her took her hand and lead her to a single tree with a door “there you go” said the girl in a high ringing musical voice “I will come to get you when the feast starts”

Tyra thanked her and sat on the bed she went to look out the small window when she saw something strange Ela was speaking to air! Or at least that is what it looked like to her. Although she could faintly see a slight mist around her. She saw her shake her head and leave. She thought no more on it and decided to sleep and was woken by Ela saying, “come wake up the feast will start soon, and I was sent to help you dress”.

Tyra woke up it was 6 and Ela was standing next to the bed holding a dress to wear. It was a beige color with the shoulders exposed and long sleeved. With it came a cape of dark blue. After she put this on she brushed her brown hair and braided it with flowers. Then they went to the forest. It was twilight, Lanterns hug about and there was a long table where many people were seated. The Queen and King were at the head. At the other side was a strong looking prince with a huge chest almost herculean. Next to him was a Beautiful slim girl with blond hair and blue eyes these were the Mer prince and princess. On either side of them where a few Mer nobles. On the other side were Elf nobles and a place was set open for Tyra. Everyone turned to look as she came forward and sat down in her seat. The queen stood up and said “I propose a toast to Tyra may she help bring peace to our land”, The crowed cheered. Tyra blushed and smiled. Then they all sat down to begin eating. As she began Tyra looked past everyone into the forest something caught her eye a white shadow was moving from tree to tree. She stared at it for a long time until she said to the Queen “excuse me your majesty but what is that”? The queen looked “oh you mean who”, “that is Murtake”. “He is the Ghost ambassador he came here to see to your training and then to give a report to it to the ghost lord they are our allies and as more people die in war the more allies we have they are good to have as friends and bad to have as enemies for ghosts know the worst kind of mischief and can do all sorts of tricks if they are irritated.” “He does not like to show himself and will watch your progress in silence and I advise that you do not disturb him.”

Tyra nodded and sat back down on her chair she didn’t want anything to do with ghosts ! When the feast was over she went with Ela back to her tree said goodnight and went to bed. From her bed she could see the white shadow go from tree to tree finally she fell asleep.

The Ghost left. Then and hurried down the path to the hidden Mountains which was inhabited by ghosts. He went up to the door and thought himself in and was teleported into the throne room. “You have come to give your report on the child did she get to the Elvin lands safely”? “She did.” She is there now but she almost did run into trouble in the night.” “It seems that Beelzebubs men know of her existence and were coming in the night to kill her, I got them first and disposed of the bodies.” “They should be here soon for lessons”.

“Yes we will see to it” said Furnand “but your job Murtake from now on will be to watch over her like a father would daughter.” “And when she completes training go with her to the Northern quarters to see the king”. “She is your charge from now on.” “Yes my lord” said Murtake and disappeared. He was soon back at her window watching  her until the moon faded as did he into a soft mist .

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