About my foster life...

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This is the true story of my foster life.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



It all started when my mother and father had argument, he hit her and left her bleeding, she screamed out to him to stop but he wouldn't listen, when he finished with her, he always found me curled up in my room crying to myself 'Please make him stop'.

When I was six I remember the family home in Port Vincent, we had just moved in and had already made friends, our house was right across the road from the local fire service, I had been going to school for a year, and stil had not fit in properly yet. By the time I had made a friend we moved to Adelaide. When we were in adelaide, my dad had found out that he was schizophrenic, he had been taking his medication and was fine, some days he would be hapy and take me places that I wanted to go. Mum hardly ever came with us to those places because she had epilepsy and it was quite bad, one of the trips that I can remember going with my parents together was the botanic gardens in Adelaide.

When I turned seven I had just been enrolled in a great school in Christies beach, I had friends and even had a great neighbour that my parents loved, I always walked around the block with him, he was nine then.

When I turned eight the abuse started up again, i watched my father who was riddled with the affects of drugs hit me, and threw things at me.

By the time I was nine, I met the boy that used to be my neighbour, he had grown up, I learnt how to do lts of things from him, he was also my first kiss. I needed a friend that I would be able to tell what was going on, he was the first person that I could cry to when things went wrong.

When I turned ten my parents relationship was getting stronger, my mother ended up in hospital because of a bad epileptic fit, my father locked me in the boot of a car and made sure that he knew where I was, After that I couldn't look my dad in the eye, he scared me now. When we moved in my mid tenth year I was terrified that he waas going to be abusive again, I had a day off school once and then my grandfather showed up, telling my mum and dad that the social services were at the school looking for me, he was worried about the safety i had. I went with him and grandma.

I stayed with them for six months and then was taken into a lovely foster family that weren't able to have children, they took me in and helped me look after myself. I was still able to have contact with my parents and had visits with them weekly.

Twelve was a hard year for me because i had been taken to tasmania and lived with my auntie aand uncle with their daughter. I had been taken from them after two months and stayed with my grandparents who lived in the country. From 2006 to 2010 I lived with my grandparents. In 2006 I heard that my mother had died in her caravan, in 2007 the grandma tha i lived with had died from cancer, and in 2010 my grandfather found out he had dementia. At the moment i am living with my best friend and her family, I leave care in 7 months and my father still threatens me after not seeing me.

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