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I learnt this trick from a friend of mine,if you got through your iTunes and shuffle the music, you can get inspired by it and write short stories. This is only part of my writing process.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012




  1. Song: Let the music play- Good Charlotte

Story: The beat starts slow, begins to speed up and then takes off. Just like my heart. I met his eyes and began to dance; i spun and spun until my laughter was the only thing that could help my nerves. He was enjoying himself but i couldn’t shake the feeling that he had a secret. Green eyes pierced into my blue eyes, they told me that he was happy to be here but also that he had someone waiting at home for him. I went with my gut though, i wrapped my arms around his waist and he pulled me in for a tight hug, his breath was in my ear, the last part of the song began playing, when he looked down at me his eyes were shining with excitement, then his lips crashed down on mine, breathlessly i pulled back and smiled at him slightly. He kissed me lightly one more time before letting me go and disappearing into the crowd.

  1. Song: Unbroken-Stan Walker

Story: Slowly and steadily i held his hand, praying that he was going to make it. He was in a coma, all for me. Why did he have to let me go? We were just a normal couple, he told me that he loved me but he didn’t. His ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy with our relationship, she cut the brakes in our car, but thought that I was going to be in the car next, but he took the car to work just to crash the car. So i am now sitting in the hospital crying my sorrow out to the man that I love who is in a coma. The machines surrounding us were beeping rapidly, his vitals weren’t looking too good but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to save him. The machines began beeping faster and then he slipped away from me, the doctors rushed in to save him but failed. He left on me.

  1. Song: Shut up and kiss me- Reece Mastin

Story: I was just a normal girl at a concert having a good time, my best friend in the entire world was with me, he flirted with me but i thought he was gay; he always acted like he was gay. Obviously he was attracted to guys, we were at a one direction concert for him anyway, and he said to me that it would be his dying wish to meet them. He started to dance with me and then the concert ended, we left the concert and then as we got into the car he pulled into the nearest cinema, he told me that he wasn’t gay and that he had feelings for my, a single tear streamed down my face, i leant to and gave him a hug, i kissed him on the cheek then kissed him on the lips.

  1. Song: Don’t let me stop you- Kelly Clarkson

Story: I was always a shy person, i didn’t talk to guys in the way that other girls do. But when i went to a party with my older brother who was so popular it all changed. The guy that I had been crushing on for the last few years had come in a loose fitting shirt and neat trousers, he noticed me and met my eye, he gave me a friendly smile, but that’s all he ever did. I was used to being ignored, but i felt brave tonight, i walked over to where he was standing and talked to him, he told me that he thought i was pretty but he didn’t think anything else of me. Actually he thought more of me than i thought, he pulled me in the middle of the dance floor and then asked me out, that all happened because i faced my fear.

  1. Song: Dear John- Taylor Swift

Story: He was a player, he dated about five girls per week, and I should have known that he didn’t like me but I still fell into his trap. My mum told me that i was crazy for loving him; she told me that he would just hurt me like he did to all the other girls, i was the longest he dated for, and we lasted three weeks with constantly changing the rules. Some days he would love me then he would fight with me for the stupidest reasons, i wore a red dress for our three week anniversary and he told me that i looked beautiful, but i caught him looking at the waitress, he flirted with her right in front of me. I felt so stupid for not listening to my friends when they told me that he was a player, I was 19 when he came into my life, then three weeks had gone and i cried so hard after he left me. I should have known that he was going to leave me for another girl; he expertly said that he was sorry, but i didn’t believe him at all. I have never looked back at the times that we spent together, i have always remembered him though, I’ve seen him around town with other girls but i just ignore him, now that i know what is going on, i haven’t trusted another guy. I cried for weeks until news came that he was killed in a car accident, he would be shocked that i went to his funeral and got up and spoke fondly of the times that we spent together.

  1. Song: Killer-360

Story: What if your best friend was a killer? What would you do? I know what this feels like, but it’s not just a friend, it’s my boyfriend. He is not a proper killer; he blacks out all the time and goes on a rampage. I met him in the city, when i first met him he was robbing a bank, i was the clerk behind the counter, then i met him when he hijacked my car, and then at a club when he shot fifteen people. You might think that i am a pessimistic girl, but I’m not. I love him so much, except for the time that he stabbed me in the leg three times; he blacked out and went for the nearest thing to him. He is getting help, but the doctors think that it is too late for anything to happen. I’m actually dead right now, I’m in my own coffin, and he shot me in the head last night.

  1. Song: Love Suicide-Tinie Tempah ft Kelly Rowland

Story: I was dating a guy that would always be at my side. He would cling to me like he had no friend or even no one to be with. He proposed to me but i rejected him. That was the worst mistake i made in my life. I broke up with him after that, but he didn’t respond well with that. The next day i found out that he had committed suicide, the note that he left was ‘even in death, i will hold onto our memories’ i cried for hours and ultimately realised that it was my fault that he had died, he was trying to get my attention for days but i had ignored him. I tied a noose that night i got back from his funeral and then wrote a note ‘i want to be with Mason forever, please take my wishes and bury us together’ then i got onto a chair and put the rope around my neck, then slipped.

  1. Song: The sky is the limit- Jason Derulo

Story: I was at the pub with a few of my mates when i saw him from across the bar; he looked up at me as if he had heard my thoughts. He was gorgeous, bright blue eyes, with caramel blonde hair in his eyes. His muscles were prominent on his body, it looked like someone had taken a model and brought him into our bar, my friends noticed me looking and pushed me into the direction of him, i slowly made my way over to him and then sat next to him, he looked over at me and gave me a heart stopping look, he smiled at me and then turned his attention to my friends, he was interested in them more than he was interested in me, i looked to the floor and then got up, his hand reached out and grabbed my wrist he pulled me down to his level and kissed me.

  1. Song: Say You like me- We the kings

Story: The popular guys always try to get in my pants, figuratively speaking. They don’t realise the things that i have to go through just to get to school and work, i work two jobs. One at a convenient store and the other at a bar, with the two jobs i pay for all of my clothes. I struggle to keep up with school work but i have also got a boyfriend who i live with who tries to get me into the loop with the latest news and events. I feel some days that I can’t keep both of us living and jobs and school. Sometimes when he tells me that I love him that i don’t feel like talking about love at the moment, but i do love him.

  1. Song: Fall for you- Second-hand Serenade

Story: The light hits me right in the face, now i know the feeling of being a deer in the headlights. My long blonde hair ripples in waves down my back, it finally sits in the regular mid back region, my finite body dancing around the stage, the judges and crowd all fixated on my every step and move, if i stuff this up it will be the end of my career, not just that but my last time to show the world that a girl who was hit by a truck and brain damaged to dance, also a girl who is suffering from cancer to show the world that she can do things.

  1. Song: Plans- Birds of Tokyo

Story: We had told each other that if either of us were in trouble that we would run away together, I told him all of my secrets and he kept them. We were torn-lovers. He was a demon, a man that i was assigned to kill, i was a hunter, just a plain girl on the outside but a truly hungry for death girl on the inside. He had been my first assignment away from the family and I was told that he was killing of innocent people. My brother had made the mistake of taking a photo of him, they thought that i would get over my infatuation with him but I knew that underneath his mask there was a nice guy underneath. I confessed my love to him and told him that things wouldn’t be able to work between us because he was my enemy. He made things feel right.

  1. Song: Crawling back to you- Daughtry

Story: I learnt my lesson. Don’t fight fire with fire, or someone will get burnt. I told him that nothing was going to help me get over him. But he told me that nothing was going to change between us. Time is apparently meant to heal all wounds, it’s been seven months since he dumped me from engagement, and I still have wounds and scars from our relationship. I have felt like crawling back to him but I knew that it could blow up in my face, i forgave him in a public place, but he learnt his lesson. Don’t ever forget the girl that you once loved, she has too much pain inside of her to ever let her go, she will find you eventually and will get her revenge. I crawled back into hiding to stay away from him.

  1. Song: Broken Hearted- Karmin

Story: Just an ordinary thing going on between us that were what he told me right before he asked me out. Situations that can change lives happen on a regular basis, deciding what to wear on a first date can change whether or not a guy likes you. Deciding on what place to eat can be a change of scenery for you, a chance to meet more people. Deciding on what job you have can line you up for work. Why did you choose the guy that you are currently with? Did you have another choice? Was the other option uglier than the one you are with now? Did the guy treat you right? Did you treat the other guy like shit just so he could deny you? Well, are you listening to me? Did they tell you what they wanted in a relationship or did you make the entire conversation all about you? And they liked you.

  1. Song: Blow Me (One last kiss)- Pink

Story: When the guy you love beats you every day, what do you do? I am in the middle of an abusive relationship, he tries to apologise every day but i ignore him. He slaps me across the face and pulls my hair. I scream as he does but the neighbours just ignore him. They are used to hearing me scream and only help when they hear him scream. I have punched him in the nose before and the neighbours ran to help him. I don’t even understand then they do that, i have tried running from him but nothing stops it. I have threatened to call the police but he disconnected the phones. I have been cornered today, i am curled up in a ball with him standing over me with a knife, he smiles wickedly before lunging down stabbing me in the stomach, i get the strength to stand up and blow him a kiss before collapsing.

  1. Song: Encore- Jason Derulo

Story: They ask me things that shouldn’t be asked, do you want to do it again? Why the hell would i do that again, they are a bunch of sleazebags. They think that just because i can twist my body into those shapes that I am a fun girl to be with. They don’t know that this is my job; if i get caught flirting with patrons the boss will kill me. I have seen some very handsome guys come through my door, but none of them even say anything, they just give me a round of applause before leaving. I guess that’s showbiz though, I am an acrobat with the circus, they pay be big bucks to twist my body into shapes, fly around the tent and dance for change. I feel like a hooker in a circus.

  1. Song: Echo- Eskimo Joe

Story: The guitar rests on my lap, i look down at the notes i have written in my book, a single tear falls from my cheek. My brown hair and green eyes are bewitching to the mirror in from of me. I almost don’t recognise myself when i look up, i see a slim figured girl with gorgeous braids wrapping her hair behind her face, a girl with green eyes that enchant her viewers, tonight is my big night, my first night on stage. The lights warm my skin up, the sign behind me flashes with the X factor sign. It is my day to shine, i begin to strum my guitar the sound reverberating all around me, my voice picks up and the audience is almost dazed. Then the light goes off and i wake up.

  1. Song: Amazing- Vanessa Amorosi

Story: It is a great feeling knowing that you are loved, well that’s what i have heard from my sisters, Anna is getting married today and Elizabeth is engaged to be engaged, I am wearing a turquoise dress with a fish tail and sequins, i feel like a fish in it. The hair and makeup don’t seem to match but that doesn’t matter all that i care about is the happiness of my sister. I walk down the aisle behind Elizabeth and her partner, i don’t realise that there is a man next to me until i look up and see that the man has grey eyes that make my heart stop.

  1. Song: California King- Rihanna

Story: From the age of ten we had been best friends, he had protected me in high school from the heartbreakers, and had never wanted a girl until i got a boyfriend. I never really fit in very well at school but he made sure that i was safe, when i turned 15 my body changed, i became slimmer and taller and he got a deeper voice and more muscular. He dated two girls and i dated no one. When i turned 19 he left for the city i had still not told him that i loved him, i went to university and then at my graduation i noticed a familiar face in the crowd, i went to go see him and he hugged me. He mentioned to me that he had never loved any girls but me and only wanted to leave so that he didn’t see me cry for him. I loved him all along. We got married at thirty and have three kids together.

  1. Song: Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Story: If you could see me there are a few things that you would notice, I have the darkest brown hair which almost looks black, and in the right light it is red. I have green eyes that change into a darker shade of green. I have a body that a model would die for; i have curves in all the right places. There are a few things that you wouldn’t like about me though, i have glasses that frame my eyes, which are always open too much, i have a nose that is always pinks and running, I also have braces they ruin everyone’s good thoughts of me. I have never ever had a boyfriend, but had too many crushes to think of. My best friends tell me to get my braces taken off and to get contacts, but i know that i want a guy who will love me for me.

  1. Song: Love Song-Sara Bareilles

Story: My heart begins to thrum in my chest as i stand on the board, I am about to compete for my state in the swimming championships. My best friends are all on the line cheering me on, my boyfriend and his mates are in the bleachers with handmade signs with ‘we love you Tasha’ all scrawled on them. My face lights up in a smile, the referee is on the side of the pool telling us when to go, he fires the starting gun and i dive in, right in front of the former champion school, i begin my stroke, i get a steady speed up until the last fifty metres, as i bring my head up to take a breath i notice the former champion taking off, i pick up the speed and easily pass them, i kick my legs harder and bring my strokes into a stronger rhythm until i touch the end wall. I have become the state champion; i am going to the Olympics.

  1. Song: You make me feel- Cobra Starship

Story:  Having fun at a club in nothing to be afraid of, but when you have fun with your best friend’s boyfriend it can cause a lot of trouble. It all started when he asked me to go the HQ with him, i said yes because he told me that things between them were getting worse, she was fighting with him for bad reasons, and he was just not attracted to her anymore, when i asked who he was interested in he answered that he was interested in me, he kissed me and then it started getting heated, he began stripping off and tried to do other things, i pushed him away and slapped him over the cheek he was stunned and backed away, i told him that i don’t feel that way about him.

  1. Song: There she goes- Good Charlotte

Story: My daughter was just going on fourteen, she was planning on going to college, and her thoughts on college were that it was the best thing that could happen to her. I thought of it as giving my daughter up. The college that she had chosen was in London and it was going to cost way too much. Although if it was her dream to go to a great college and get a great career out of it then she was going to have the best damn thing that would help her. The day that i let her go was the hardest, she was getting on a plane to leave and then she took off. Her plane had left me. I had done the best thing a mother could; i had helped her grow up.  

  1. Song: Boys like you- 360 featuring Gossling

Story: I can’t believe that i was dating him. Aaron Jones was a heartbreaker; he was a player, only interested in sex. But he had chosen to date me Felicity Wright, a simple girl who has no family and who used to turn to self harm. It was my fault that i was in this situation, i had just gone to the doctors for feeling sick, when i came out with the test results i had a slight heart attack, when he and i had slept with each other for the first time he had not used protection. Now i think about what my parents said about being in the wrong situation. I found out i was pregnant.

  1. Song: Invincible-Tinie Tempah

Story: I am invicible, you can’t touch me and leave a mark. Together though, we are stronger than anybody else. That is what true love is. When i first met him it was winter, the snow was falling in front of me, i was trying to not slip on the path which was iced over. He stood in front of my apartment, a shadow passing over my head, it skimmed over my head leaving Goosebumps on my arms. I prayed that he didn’t see me shiver, when i looked up there were two violet eyes staring into mine, he extended his arm and then a shot of light flung between us, the snow evaporated and he smiled, I knew that it was Daniel...

  1. Song: Want you back-Cher Llyod

Story: You were hanging out with that other girl in town, holding hand and kissing in front of me. You don’t even realise that i love you. You can say anything you want to me but nothing else will change my mind. I just want you back. I am not turning into the green eyed monster, you are, I’ve been flirting with other guys right in front of you, i see your head turn in my direction and give me dagger looks.  The reason that i broke it off between us was to see if you loved me enough to crawl back to me, i had you first, and she can’t hold you like I did. You call her cute nicknames in front of me and it infuriates me. I know that she loves you but so do i, if you call the police on me for stalking you then i can say that she stole you from me, and that i just want you to be mine again.

  1. Song: All or nothing- Theory of a deadman

Story: When he first saw me he was shocked. He tried getting together with me, sending flowers to my work and home and restaurant reservations for two. I had never even met the guy, it was an online relationship, and how could I know that he wasn’t a creep or anything. I had a feeling that he was around the place watching me. When i messaged him at night he told me that i looked beautiful and that i would be lucky to have a guy like him, i didn’t know what i had gotten myself into though, i had heard of the Saints street gang in the past few weeks, and had run into the bank that they were robbing, i had been behind the counter and had jumped when they had shot at me, i was trained though, i opened my parachute and had landed on the leader of their gang, that was when i realised that  i loved him.

  1. Song: I wont give up- Jason Mraz

Story: He was trying to serenade me, using his guitar as his weapon, his voice soothing my stress. He told me that my could was older than anything he had ever thought about, he was my friend even though i liked him more than a friend. If i told him it could ruin the whole friendship between us, he hugged me when i was upset and told me that i was beautiful but also said to his mates whenever i was near that he loved me as a sister, i knew that it couldn’t work between us. I was crying at the moment holding my tears away from him, his expression went into his worry mode, he held my hand and tried to soothe me. He asked ahat was wrong but i wouldn’t spill the beans, he told me that he wouldn’t judge me, so i spilt the beans I told him that i liked him and that he would never like me. He told me i was being stupid and that he had feelings for me too.

  1. Song:  Your love is my drug- Ke$ha

Story: I was addicted, Addicted to him. It was like i had a drug addiction. But it wasn’t, i had an addiction to love, his love. I thought that nothing would ever come between us, then he told me that he was going into the army, i told him that if he left me that nothing would ever be the same, he kissed me and then got down on one knee, he pulled out a red box with a diamond ring on it, he told me that if i made him the happiest man in the world that he wouldn’t go to war, I believed him and accepted the engagement. My happiness was short lived though, that night he died of a heart attack.

  1. Song: Fight for you- Jason Derulo

Story: They were fighting, fighting for me. The punches were going everywhere, blood and bones were falling. I had a feeling that this was going to happen but i couldn’t believe that two of the hottest guys in my boarding school were fighting over me. I’m just an ordinary girl, brown shoulder-length hari with bright blue eys, a normal body and a bad attitude. Just like everyone else in my school i have severe issues, i fought with people at my public school and never realised how much my parents cared for me until they couldn’t understand why i was acting out. I didn’t even know myself...

  1. Song: Who’s that girl?- Guy Sebastian

Story: I was DJing the local club, when i saw her. She was wearing a sequinned outfit that caught my eye; her red hair was wisping down her back falling behind her back. She walked in and everyone knew that she was beautiful. I wanted to get out of the DJ booth, but i had to keep going, she looked up at the booth and began walking over to me, she smiled at me and began to dance. Her hips were shaking in time with my music, i then heard a guy from my right say that he wanted to learn how to DJ i showed him a few of the basics then slipped him a twenty dollar note and asked him to take over for a while, he did so. I walked over to her and told her my name, he whispered back in a husky tone ‘Amelia’ she was beautiful and i made sure she knew that then started dancing with her, she had her hands on my hips.



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