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Yakshipuram, a harrowing story of witchcraft, horror, and occult, is a children's cum teen's adaptation of my earlier book, Kamayakshipuram, which is an erotic horror story for adults. It was written by me as per the request of my daughter, Arundhati, who really loved the storyline of Kamayakshipuram, and wanted me to write a children's version so that she would be able to read the book. It is a mind-numbing horror story with many an unexpected twists and has a stupefying and mind boggling climax. It is based on a very sinister and dark theme. Based on a real nightmare, Yakshipuram, the novel, is a stupefying tale of occult, satanic rituals, witchcraft, and spine-chilling horror, interspersed with hilarious situations and rib-tickling humor. Classic Horror without being crass. Spine Chilling Terror without being outlandish. This book will definitely lead the reader on to something more profound.

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Submitted: February 18, 2016

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