21st Century, The Advance Youngsters

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Something which if you read carefully. You will succeed.

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



My Thoughts


I am not saying that I know more than all of you. But I am just trying to put my thoughts in front of all of you. Please decide whether I am right or wrong?

Everybody present here are educated. Education doesn’t mean that to go to school and attend the lecture of your respective teacher/professor. In my way of thinking it means to procure knowledge of what your teacher/professor is trying to teach you. If you don’t listen to them at this stage. Where you are standing right now than everything is worthless. The teacher is also wasting his time and even you. Ultimately it is harming our country. Some of you might be shocked of my last sentence which I had just mentioned right now? Yes its very true that if you are harming our country revenue because everybody standing here is a national wealth of our country.

If you keep listening to me lots of question will arise in your mind which you want to ask. But if you listen to me carefully you will get the answer from my lecture. The word LECTURE sounds to our youth/youngsters/this generation/parents as MUFT KA GYAN(free knowledge). But try and understand it will change your life as well as for others. Being your brother/friend/relative/neighbor it’s my duty to guide you all from wrong path.

All the difference is that which we created is rich and poor. We know the difference of rich and poor as well as the meaning. We have learned the meaning from dictionary. But does that taught us to listen to rich people, don’t listen to poor people, poor has less knowledge, rich people has more knowledge, rich people are good human beings, poor people are bad human beings and many more…

I am not saying anybody is bad. Everybody in this world is good human beings by their deeds. Even you know if you do anything wrong you can’t stand in front of the mirror. You might ignore but it’s the truth when you stand and face yourself in front of the mirror your eyes will blink certainly when you think of that bad deed which you had done. I don’t know in your case. But with me yes it happens.

Yes you are right you cant change the world. You are just a 1 in count in numeric term.. But just remember that 1 is counted among the total population of the world. I am just giving you a lecture which you all must know. But just try and understand why I am saying. Duliajan is very small which cant be seen in world map which cant even figure out. But if you change this Duliajan your neighboring territories will notice you and they may also start. Let the world do their work and you do your duty honestly so that you may face the mirror.

Every human being has got anger and ego inside them. But you have also realized ultimately its harming you. If you want you can just ignore my thought which I had said and say ‘Aa CHODO ISKA FOKAT KA GYAN’(free knowledge). That can is ego. And this ego will lend up-to anger which will give nothing. Everything will be a waste . The result of making an awareness to society will give me nothing other than a big 0. If you think about my thought before sleeping tonight and implement them into your regular work. Honestly saying you will get the results.


If you think my thoughts are right please spread this. Take Care.


-Bikash Banerjee




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