You make me speechless

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my wife's beauty just silences me

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013




  1. You make me speechless, believe me you
  2. When we meet, words runaway; but my heart whispers
  3. into your heart words I don't have the courage to say
  4. Loving you is not easy and that is true
  5. Not knowing how you feel kills me, I know not what to do
  6. O my! I don't know what to say


  1. Speechless is what I become
  2. when you're by my side , nervous is how you make me
  3. for your beauty got me dazed
  4. Your words produce zephyr that leaves me amazed
  5. If loving you is wrong then I am the scapegoat
  6. 'cause your saccharine smile is my heart's coat


  1. Ingenuous are my self-evident. Assiduous feelings for thee
  2. And whatever happens between us, it was meant to be.


Zephyr - A light, gentle breeze

Scapegoat - A person who is blamed for the things other people do wrong

Saccharine - Too sweet or sentimental

Ingenuous - Innocent

Self-evident - Obvious

Assiduous - Showing great care

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