Alpha Males

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Reflections on the mating rituals within the world of men. How the pecking order of power is established, and why. (approx. 525 words)

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012




Alpha Males


There are 3 types of Alpha Males.

The obvious Alpha Male, a man who needs to fill the role of top dog. A man who requires control and demands compliance. Flamboyant in displaying his Alpha-ness. Basically, an asshole. You can almost picture the hat on backwards and the jaw popping his gum every 3 seconds. His strength, for what it is, comes from numbers. Alone he is almost pathetic, rudderless.

The subtle Alpha Male has the same needs, the same desire for control and command, and yet uses guile in order to fly below the radar, keeping his homies on a string and under his influence. This guy is greasy, untrustworthy, consistently dishonest, and self absorbed. A bad guy. Employing stealth as if he were a spider, strictly to serve his own needs.

Then there is the reluctant Alpha Male. This man has all the skills and influence that lures less confident men to follow his lead, but not only does not need the sycophantic adulation of other men, he doesn’t pursue it or want it. He needs no entourage, eschews sycophants, and embraces total independence.

And because of that independence, he radiates confidence. And that is the elixir that other men are drawn to. Women as well. Confidence is a true aphrodisiac. There are many pretenders, but confidence is very difficult to fake. False bravado is loud, and transparent to the educated eye and ear. Genuine confidence is a quiet song, a night light to the wayward moth. 

The more obvious Alpha Male comes from a mindset of insecurity. And the men who respond to that type of Alpha Dawg will have the same foundation; insecurity. It’s usually an unseemly display and most women who possess any level of sophistication will avoid that group at all costs. We've all seen these clowns. One smug guy determining the dynamics and direction for a group of Pavlovian dogs, and that direction usually leads to infantile behavior. It is hegemony, on a frat boy level.

Perhaps even more sinister, however, is the subtle Alpha Dawg. He is clearly the smartest one in the bunch, by his own choosing, yet manipulates each guy so that he has their loyalty. He can create infighting amongst the troops if he feels there is possible insurgency ahead. He divides the forces so they cannot ever unite against his stealth rule. This man will be attractive to women, but only for a short time. Any woman of substance with decent radar for BS will see this guy for what he is, and bail at the first opportunity. Of course, some women will succumb to his supposed charms, and will live to regret it.

The reluctant Alpha Male?

This guy is complex. His foundation of independence, confidence, even misanthropy, is an almost chemical allure for both men and women. The fact that he doesn't need or want an entourage or following makes many people want to follow him. It is an irony, a contradiction, and inevitable.

His dismissal of people is his allure, because it is interpreted as strength.

He is the true Alpha Male for his leadership happens organically.


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