Lap Top Murder: Is It Dead Yet?

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When a father recently shot his daughter's lap top computer to death, a powerful lesson was placed on the table. (approx. 420 words)

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012




Lap Top Murder: Is It Dead Yet?




I must admit to sporting a devilish grin, and even a hearty gut laugh at the recent shooting of a clearly armed and dangerous lap top by a scorned father in North Carolina, that last bastion of human civility and decorum.


One of my delights in this specific scenario is that it allows me to further reveal yet another inconsistency of mine. Clearly, in an anti-gun piece down this page, I have made my views clear on that subject.




This particular father has my TOTAL support. Part of me likes his very direct approach to informing his daughter that she may have it much better than she thinks she does, and that nine bullets may be just the perspective-re-assessment teaching moment she needs.  But I also think this girl’s sheer stupidity of posting her gripes on FaceBook, as if there was even a semblance of anonymity in that most social of all social networks (so far), is far more egregious than whining about her parents. What was she thinking?


Great article in the paper this morning prompted this. Of course, journalistically, both sides had to be represented, and they were, fairly, in my opinion. But reading the quotes from the counselors, professionals, and shocked parents excoriating the pistol-toting father did not even remotely make me rethink my support of his gesture.

Now, would that have flown very far in Palo Alto? Of course not. But part of getting older for me is getting wiser and more tolerant of certain things and people. In North Carolina, among parents, this guy now probably walks on water. And I can just see it now, throughout BOTH of the Carolinas, kids everywhere carefully swathing their cherished lap tops in Kevlar vests, all the better to ward off daddy’s hard drive-piercing bullets. And bitching about your parents on FB? Think that ship may have just sailed, never to see port again.


Call it ‘country justice’, small town ‘rearing’, or just some plain good ole boy, over-the-top version of the age old parental response to “Why?”


“’Cause I said so, that’s why.”


When did those 6 words turn into child abuse? When did not backing up everything you tell your child to do with reasoning, a hug, and a qualifier that takes all of the teeth out of your command, become cause for your nosy neighbor to drop dime to Child Services?


Parents, please weigh in.


Be difficult to NOT have an opinion on this.



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