When Life Punches You in the Nose

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The ability and willingness of people to bounce back from adversity is analyzed. (approx. 335 words)

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012




When Life Punches You in the Nose


And it always does. For some, a lot more than others, of course. But that shot will inevitably land. That's a given.

Our response? That is where it gets interesting. Where we start to REALLY define ourselves. Our response to not only the first punch in the nose, but the subsequent blows, defines us as people. How do we get up? DO we get up? Do we retaliate? Do we bow down...give up?

There are many variables. What type of blow? What sort of recovery ability does each of us possess? Like most human dynamics, it can get complex.

I think the resiliency in the average human is enormous. It is simply bred in us. We need to bounce back in order to continue. Life requires resiliency.

Very few of us live a life that leaves us unmarked. Often it is just the opposite.

But the relatively unmarked ones still fascinate me. Are they aware of the dodged bullets...or oblivious? Are they aware of the lucky charm rabbit’s foot they carry with them? Of how they have danced through the downpour of life, avoiding the raindrops of pain and disappointment? My experience has been that the chosen few don't know what they have been lucky enough to avoid. I'll cringe and acknowledge that in this case, ignorance is indeed bliss. I do not begrudge them. I am envious.

Those of us, who have been soaked by life's raindrops of pain, disappointment, and even tragedy will, if we survive the experience, come out the other end of the life tunnel stronger. But there are exceptions. Some simply are overwhelmed.

Having taken a few punches to the nose myself, I feel qualified to ruminate on the subject. What I acknowledge immediately is that all of us will respond differently....with varying degrees of strength and resilience. These punches to the nose, whether figurative or direct, will universally question our character.

And our response will go a long way toward defining us.


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