Without Delusions, Life Becomes a Wrecking Ball

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Denial + Delusion = Death

Submitted: June 30, 2012

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Submitted: June 30, 2012




Without Delusions

Life Becomes a Wrecking Ball


We see only what we want to see

A vain effort to be all we can be

When we hit the ball in the rough

We then question whether we’re tough


So to survive we throw in some spin

In the short run, it allows us to win

But over time this will do us in

Denial to me is the worst of sins


So we kid, we hide and we smile

Never seeing truth all the while

In the mirror we put ourselves on trial

When it really is visual denial


To run away from the facts and the pain

Is what often keeps us sane

But peering through that window pane

May just make us go insane


Either way we choose to see life

We still float with the other sea life

Be they plankton, jetsam or flotsam

Delusions, oh yes, we all have got some


To be bold and brave and truly see it

To be cold on the wave, our ego - free it

With nary a flotation device

Or someone to simply be nice


We thrash and struggle and then drown

Probably while wearing a frown

To die while feeling like a clown

Without ever really making a sound


The unexamined life is there to be held

But to it I will never meld

Our delusions to the devil we spot weld

For help with those demons that need to be quelled


Where this gets us, nobody knows

But that “there” I knows I won’t goes

Be it pastry or lobster or prose

To love thy best is done when one slows


To confuse our minds is so futile

Even when the truth is destined to be brutal

Our heart is tougher than we think

At bad news it will often simply blink


To gaze at ourselves so obliquely

Is to visit Denial Street weekly

We can never ever reach our goals

Because first we must walk on the coals


So face the truth, be it shitty or sad

One needs to face it when things go bad

Of course we’ll end up going mad

But that’s better than feeling we’ve been ‘had’


With a wry grin and an icy cold drink

I will ponder, muse and I will think

No matter what lies on the next brink

I will face it, and then I will wink


So going deaf and dumb and blind

To most of what we find

We can peer truthfully inside is all

Or face the wrath of that big Wrecking Ball




© Copyright 2018 Bill Rayburn. All rights reserved.

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