Sydney's sisterly act

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Sydney gets Kaylee's dress replaced after their cat tears it

Submitted: August 14, 2015

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Submitted: August 14, 2015




\"AL067011.WMF\"aylee had been given the most beautiful party dress for her birthday. It had mauve puffed sleeves, a bodice with the most beautiful, complicated pattern made out of very fine, glittery lace and a tiered mauve skirt. Kaylee’s parents, David and Melissa told her that she had to take extremely good care of it. Kaylee did so, but not long after she’d received it a great tragedy happened. Kaylee’s best friend Patricia was going to throw a party and of course Kaylee planned to wear her new party dress. She had it hanging up over her dressing table and her cat Mao came into the bedroom. A car suddenly backfired and startled him. He leapt up into the air and his claws caught in the skirt, tearing it away from the bodice. “Oh, no!” wailed Kaylee “What am I going to do? I can’t tell my parents and I can’t wear it like that” Sydney had heard the hissing sound of tearing material and Kaylee’s sobs and went to find out what was wrong. She took one look at the dress and said “I’m going to take it to “Cammy’s Clothing Repairs.” They fix almost everything in a few hours and if the article of clothing is what they call a “write-off” as I have to tell you, this may be, they will replace it with something similar or better within 24 hours. My mother says that, anyway.” She rushed the dress down to the store and told the lady what had happened. The lady said kindly “Well, I’m afraid that is a write-off, but look here.” pulling a dress out of a drawer. That dress was even better than the one Mao had written off. It was an even better shade of purple and it had gold embroidery on it. “Well, that’s our problems solved. Kaylee will be so relieved and happy. How much is it?” replied Sydney “$12.50” the lady replied “Since you’re a child and you’re saving your sister from having to own up to her parents, we will give you a discount and make it $10.50.” Sydney happily agreed to pay. Only when she got home did she remember that now she wouldn’t have enough money to buy the big, soft, glittery-dress wearing doll that she’d had her eye and heart on. The doll cost $11.50 and she only had eight dollars left. “Never mind” she thought “I’ve saved Kaylee from being in trouble and that’s far more important than any old doll.” She was still disappointed, but Kaylee couldn’t possibly guess when she came back and said “Well, the bad news is that your dress was indeed a write-off. The good news is that there is a lovely replacement that will make you forget about the one the cat ruined. She described it to her and she was delighted. The very next day at eight-o-clock the phone rang and unfortunately Melissa answered it. After the phone call, she asked the girls what was going on and Kaylee did have to confess. Her mother said, “Well, never mind. Accidents will happen and this one wasn’t really your fault. It was mostly Mao’s. He knows he’s not supposed to be in your room anyway. I’m just glad you still have a party dress.” Melissa went to pick it up and went to pay for it, only to find that it had already been paid for. When Kaylee discovered that Sydney had spent most of her doll money, she was horrified “Oh, Sydney” she said kindly “You really shouldn’t have done that.” “Never mind” replied Sydney “Saving you from having no party dress was far more important than any old doll.” Kaylee, however simply could not let the matter rest. The next day the whole family went to a fair that was being held to try to stop “SIDS” from breaking any more new parents’ hearts and feeling guilty and Kaylee saw a stall that had a doll very similar and even better than the doll Sydney had had to forgo to get her dress fixed. Kids had to earn the doll by shooting enough “dragons” and it cost one dollar a go. Now Kaylee had only three one-dollar coins and thought “I don’t really have a hope, seeing the dragons move so fast on such a twisty route and I’ve only got three dollars, so that’s three chances but won’t Sydney be over the moon if I do win? I’ll choose the doll.” She gave them to the man and said “Right, charge my gun up.” The man did so. The first two tries, the man said kindly “No, you didn’t shoot quite enough dragons. You only shot six and the toys on that shelf require eight. Try again.” On the third time, she shot the required eight dragons, but the lady who was the assistant said “She didn’t quite hit the eighth dragon on the target.” The man said “Never mind, she can have one of the toys that require eight dragons anyway.” Kaylee was so relieved. She chose the doll and sneaked it over to the car. She put it in the trailer and pulled the tarpaulin over it. When it was Sydney’s birthday, there was this huge, soft, squishy package that bore the words “Dear Sydney. Here is your reward. Love Kaylee” Sydney opened the package and was so delighted


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 22nd of October 2010)

© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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