The pigs and their wolf-friend

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Three pigs make their own houses and a wolf becomes their neighbour and friend

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




(This story is a rewrite of the story “The three little pigs)

Once upon a time, there were three pigs, one named Truffles, one named Oinker and the third named Hamm who decided to leave the farm they lived in and make houses for themselves to live in. Truffles decided to make his house out of old plastic bottles glued together with peanut butter, Oinker decided to make his out of polystyrene containers stuck together with toothpicks, while Hamm decided to make his out of stones stuck together with cement, and all the pigs agreed that Hamm’s looked the best, really, and Hamm’s house didn’t fall down every time there was a stiff breeze, so Truffles and Oinker finally decided to stay at Hamm’s house for the rest of their lives and Hamm agreed, on the proviso they did their share of the housework. Both Truffles and Oinker thought that was quite fair, and they helped with the dusting, cooking, washing and washing up. One day, they found they were going to have a new neighbour and when they found their neighbour was going to be a wolf, they were very concerned, because they had heard of big bad wolves in fairy tales, but they soon found the wolf wasn’t all that big and was not at all bad; when he watched TV or listened to music he would play it for a while and then go over and ask “Is that likely to be too loud?”, and only twice had Hamm, Truffles or Oinker had to say “Yes, a little.”, and the twice they did, he turned it down before he started the show or music again. He was also a big help to the pigs by keeping an eye out for anything that changed and then letting them know, for instance one Friday he said “You know how Friday night was garbage night? Well, that’s changed now; it’s Tuesday instead.”, and they thanked him and changed their meal schedule so that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of stinky old onion skins sitting in the bin for a week, because one of their favourite meals was “Onion, vegemite and cheese scrolls”, and it was basically puff pastry that had been spread with butter and vegemite and then sprinkled with fried onion and grated cheddar cheese and it required two onions apiece to be peeled, so they changed the night of that meal from Thursday night to Monday night. One day, the wolf was going to be an even bigger hero to them; he was going to save their lives. Oinker had put on his daily two pieces of toast and had had to leave the toaster unattended while he went to the toilet, and a stiff breeze blew the curtain onto the toaster and it caught alight instantly. Hamm and Truffles smelt the most horrible smell and went to investigate, and quickly backed away when there was a huge pall of smoke blowing at them. The wolf smelt the smoke and heard the screams and ran to the rescue. He kicked the back door open, crawled in and dragged the pigs out, one by one. He then called the fire brigade and they put out the fire, but the house had already been severely damaged. Thankfully, the pigs’ insurance had become effective just eight hours ago, so they were able to claim 90% of the expenses, and the pigs, with help from the wolf had the house rebuilt. A few weeks later, they found out that four other families had used the same curtains as they had and all four of them had fires and each time, the curtains had been partly responsible for it, so they resolved never to have those curtains hanging from any of their windows again, no matter how beautiful they were, so they went to Curtain Wonderland and discussed the issue with the most senior, most knowledgeable shop assistant available and he recommended some special curtains that had the brand name “Firetard”. He admitted they were extremely expensive, but you could hold a candle to them for five minutes and they wouldn’t catch fire, so they decided on those; they chose the ones that were khaki with little white flowers all over them and from that day forth, they never left any source of heat unattended; not even for a fraction of a second; they remembered what had happened when Oinker had left the toaster unattended


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 11th of December 2016)

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